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UFC fighter Tim Hague dead; MFL ready for fights?

Former UFC fighter Tim Hague, 34, died on Sunday after he was critically injured in a boxing match in Canada. Photo:


UFC fighter Tim Hague dead; MFL ready for fights?

In the run up to Mizoram Fight League, the mixed martial arts fight industry was taken aback with the death of former UFC fighter turned boxer Tim Hague.

Hague died on Sunday after serious injury inflicted on him during a boxing match in Canada by his opponent. Family sources said he was 34.

Jackie Neil, Hague’s sister, released a statement announcing Tim’s death.

“It is with incredible sadness, sorrow and heartbreak to report that Tim has passed away today. He was surrounded by family, listening to his favourite songs. We will miss him with [sic] so greatly,” the statement read.

Hague was critically during Friday night during a match against Adam Braidwood — a former Edmonton Eskimos defensive end, at the Shaw Conference Centre.

The fighter was was knocked out in the second round when Braidwood delivered a solid punch that sent the boxer crashing down on the mat.

“I know Tim actually begged for this fight,” training partner and friend Victor Valimaki said. “He talked to the promoters and begged for this fight. He wanted it.”

Meanwhile, there serious doubts about the technical preparedness of the Mizoram Fight League to host a mixed martial arts. Some sources who did not to be named said that the organisers may not have the necessary facilities in case of serious injuries during the competition which is coming up in the last week of June 2017.

Below is the latest Instagram post from organisers of the Mizoram Fight League.

MISMA leh Zonet Cable TV tangkawpin an buatsaih tur Mizoram Fight League chu a lo hnai ta. MFL-1 atana fighter te inbuatsaihna hnuhnung ber tur, Skill & Fitness Test chu neih a ni leh dawn ta a. Mizoram Fight League a tel tum, Skill & Fitness Test 1&2 a la inlan ve lo leh test neih nawn leh ngai te tan Test vawi thumna chu 21st June, 2017 hian neih a ang. Mizoram Fight League a tel tumte chuan he test hi an paltlang ngei ngei a ngai dawn a ni. Tin, MFL-1 ah hian fighters te tan Medical Test hi tih ngei ngei tur a nih vangin 17th June, 2017, 11:00 AM atangin Grace Nursing Home, Lower Zarkawt ah MFL-1 a tel tum Fighters zawng zawng te chu medical test nei tura kal vek tur a ni. Medical Test tih man hi mi pakhat tan Rs. 200/- a ni ang. Medical test certificate tello chuan fight-ah hian a tel theih dawn loh avangin hemi niah hian fighter-te chu kim taka kal vek tur a ni. Skills Test neih ni hian MISMA Registration la ti lo te tan registration fee Rs. 50/-, Passport Size 2 (pahnih) leh Address Proof Xerox copy ken tur a ni a, Registration ti tawh tan Passport Size copy 1 (pakhat) ken tur a ni e. *** Mizoram Fight League (MFL) organized by MISMA & Zonet Cable TV is drawing near. The last preparation for MFL-1, Skill & Fitness Test #3 will be held on 21st June, 2017. Those who haven’t gone through Skill & Fitness Test 1 & 2 are required to participate in this Test #3. All fighters have to pass this test in order to participate in this MFL-1. It is mandatory for all fighters to go through Medical Test for MFL-1. The test will be conducted on 17th June, 2017 at Grace Nursing Home, Lower Zarkawt, from 11:00 AM onwards for fighters oarticipating in MFL-1. The test will be Rs. 200/- per person. No fighter will be allowed to participate in this event without Medical Certificate. So all fighters are informed to come on time for the test. Those who haven’t done MISMA Registration are advised to bring along registration fee of Rs. 50/-, Two (2) Passport Size Photos along with a xerox copy of address proof. For those who have done MISMA Registration, you are to bring along one passport size photo. Further information will be updated shortly.

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