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Mizoram Fight League 2017 begins in Aizawl


Mizoram Fight League 2017 begins in Aizawl

Aizawl ( The first edition of Mizoram Fight League began here in Aizawl on June 30 after much preparations by the Mizoram State Mixed Martial Arts Association and Zonet Cable.

The mixed martial arts event was held at the R. Dengthuama Indoor Stadium with four teams competing for the top honour. The winner of the first game were DSZ Fight Club.

According to Samuel L. Hmar, one of the promoters and referee, the main card fight purse is Rs 5000, a win purse Rs 5000 and the winner took home Rs 10,000.

The judge team includes – international referee Samuel L. Hmar, national judges Lalthakima, Michael Pautu, Andrew Zonunsanga and Lalchhuanmawia.

Main Card-  Lalvenhimi, Lalchhuanmawia, Rosangzuala, C. Lalfamkima, Pathianmalsawmdawngliana, Dengthanchhunga and Jack Lalsangliana defeated their opponents.

Fighters during the first leg of the Mizoram Fight League 2017 on June 30, 2017.

Fighters during the first leg of the Mizoram Fight League 2017 on June 30, 2017.

According to officials, the fight will continue throughout the year and it will be close only in December.

As per the first date, these are the points:

  1. DSZ Fight Club – 20
  2. Juggernaut MMA – 13
  3. Promise Strivers – 12
  4. BCA Brawlers – 3

FLYWEIGHT (Preliminary Round)
1. Lalbiaksanga (Tuikual North) def. Andrew Lalnunmawia (Zonuam)
(Unanimous Decision)

BANTAMWEIGHT (Preliminary Round)
2. B. Lallawmkima (ITI Veng) def. Laltanpuia (Champhai Vengthar)
(Submission, Rear Naked Choke at Round 1)

FEATHERWEIGHT (Preliminary Round)
3. Lalruatdika (Luangmual) def. Israel Lalfela (New Capital Complex)
(Submission, Rear Naked Choke)


1. Juggernaut MMA vs BCA Brawlers
Lalvenhimi (Khawhai/Bethlehem) def. Jacinta C. Zomuanpuii
(Submission, Rear Naked Choke, Round 1. 2:21)

2. DSZ vs Jaggernaut MMA
Lalchhuanmawia (Republic Vengthlang) def. Lalremruatsanga (Thuampui)
(TKO at Round 2, 1:52)

3. BCA Brawlers vs Promise Strivers
Rosangzuala (Project Veng, Kolasib) def. C. Lalfakawma (Durtlang Leitan)
(Unanimous Decision)

4. DSZ vs Juggernaut MMA
C. Lalfamkima (Diakkawn, Kolasib) def. Ngurlianzuala Sailo (Lawngtlai)
(TKO, Round 2, 2:27)

Juggernaut MMA vs Promise Striver
5. Pathianmalsawmdawngliana (Kawrtethawveng) def. Vanlalchhuanga (Dawrpui Vengthar)
(Unanimous Decision)


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