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5th Hmar Martyrs’ Badminton Tournament, 2017: May 10 Fixtures


5th Hmar Martyrs’ Badminton Tournament, 2017: May 10 Fixtures

Rengkai (Manipur): The 5th Hmar Martyrs’ Badminton Tournament, 2017 is being held here at Rengkai and here’s the fixtures for today.

Fixture for the 10th May, 2017
Time: 4:30 PM onwards
Venue: LJ Memorial Hall, Rengkai

1st Match: Paumuansang Vs. Heleam

2nd Match: Kapil Vs. Darlawmthang
3rd Match: Kamthianmung Vs. Jose L Tusing
4th Match: David F Vs. Magnus Joute

5th Match: Bellamy & Partner Vs. C. Lalmuanpuia & Partner
6th Match: James & Partner Vs. Luizmuan & Partner

*2nd Round SINGLE OPEN*

7th Match: Ruotte Vs. Nandaraj
8th Match: Samuel Vs. Thangboi
9th Match: Punshiba Vs. Denish R.Joute
10th Match: Sonmuan Vs. Kumal

*DOUBLE Second Round*

11th Match: Joseph R. Joute & Partner Vs. Suanzalian & Partner
12th Match: Thangboi & Partner Vs. Thangkhankual & Partner
13th Match: Upa Chela & Partner Vs. Darlawmthang & Partner
14th Match: Sonmuan & Partner Vs. Khamthianmung & Partner

“All matches will be conducted according to the order as highlighted above. Participants are expected to fill in their given slots without fail. Not more than 10 minutes of delay by a player will be not be allowed, beyond which will invite immediate walk-over,” said the statement issued by Info. & Pub. Dept.,SBA-HMARTOB.

#09/05/2017 RESULTS

*Junior Singles*
1. Dennis R Joute defeated Nandaraj 2-1.
2. Heleam defeated Joseph Songate 2-0.

*Men’s Open Singles*
1. Jonathan Joute defeated Lunminlal 2-1.
2. Dennis defeated Thangginmang 2-1.
3. Kumal defeated Gupta GB 2-0.
4. Punshiba defeated Reuben 2-0.
5. Sonmuan defeated Lalchelzing 2-0.

*Men’s Open Doubles*
1. Sonmuan & Partner defeated H. Minthang & Partner 2-1.
2. Punshiba & Partner defeated Samuel & Partner 2-0.
3. Ruotte & Partner defeated Mama Hauzel & Partner 2-0.
4. Upa Chela & Partner defeated Gulith & Partner 2-0.
5. Paukhankual & Partner defeated Magnus & Partner 2-0.
6. Zamthianmung & Partner defeated Lianminlal & Partner 2-0.
7. A. Thang & Partner defeated Thangginmang & Partner 2-0.
8. Darlawmthang & Partner defeated Robert & Partner 2-0.


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