Our Editors

Scott Hazel (scott.hazel@zoramobserver.com) – Scott is the editor-in-chief at Zoram observer and a wine enthusiast. He has travelled Europe extensively and tried hundreds of different wines, and has developed an amazing palate. Scott is largely responsible for publishing different wine reviews from our community at zoramobserver.com. He will collect reviews from many different users, then publish them together, along with information about the wine. This is a full time job for Scott and he is committed to preserving journalistic integrity.

Ph: (541) 744-3010


Christina Mitchels (christina.mitchels@zoramobserver.com) – Christina, like Scott, is an expert on different wines. She is responsible for assisting Scott in publishing reviews and researching new wines.

Ph: (541) 383-3244



Zombrero Oliver (zombrero.oliver@zoramobserver.com)

Zombrero studied art and has a passion for the finer things in life. Today, he assists at zoramobserver.com as a webmaster and web developer. He is self-taught in WordPress and is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of this website. While he does not write about and review wines, he does also enjoy a glass every now and then.

Ph: (541) 762-2346


Gary Zoobonauchi (gary.zoobonauchi@zoramobserver.com)

Gary is responsible for making contacts and reaching out to wine makers – a weighty job given the number of wines we cover here!

Ph: (541) 239-3860