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Upa Bieka Sermon – God’s miracles in his own words

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Upa Bieka Sermon – God’s miracles in his own words

The sermon of (L)Pu Upa Bieka, also known Pu Vanlalbiek, where he talked about some of the miracles performed by God is now available on YouTube.

Upa Bieka passed away on July 1, after hours of uncertainty over his death with some claiming he “came back alive” hours after he was declared dead on June 30 night.

Some of the “miracles” mentioned by Upa Bieka in this sermon are:

1. Transported across Tuiruong river.
It happened one evening after as he along with three of his companions were on their way back to his village Ngampabung from Parbung after attending.

“We were shocked and surprised at how God performed miracles,” he said.
“As we opened our eyes after a prayer, four of us were on the other side of the river bank – in Sartuinek territory.”

2. How a barren woman bore a son – One pleaded for a child inside a church.

3. How God prepare food for them at Sartuinek and many more miracles.

He also said that the Central government-sponsored Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Scheme (simply known as Job Card by people of Pherzawl District) has created divisions and enmity among village folks.

The main theme of Pu Bieka’s sermon is: “God knows all our needs… Trust him. Let’s rebuild our altar in order to rebuild our land.”


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