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Trump ‘snubbed’ by Polish First Lady: MSM fails to see the full picture

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Trump ‘snubbed’ by Polish First Lady: MSM fails to see the full picture

Donald Trump was left in an uncomfortable situation yesterday after Polish first lady Agata “snubbed” him and went on to shake hands with her American counterpart – Melania Trump – instead of offering her hand to the US president.

While most media houses, including CNN focused on the “missing handshake”, few TV news channels showed their audience the full picture.

There is no doubt that Trump was shocked as it clear from his expression. He did not hide his displeasure. However, reports on TV news and social media still ran with attention grabbing headlines like “Polish first lady snubs Trump” and so forth.

Here’s the footage most American channels broadcast for their audience.

And here’s an edited/zoomed, yet full footage of the event which shows Agata reaching out to Trump for a handshake after shaking hands with Melania.


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