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Strange optical illusion: These identical street photos are going viral

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Strange optical illusion: These identical street photos are going viral

In 2015, we were treated with a strange photo of a dress which was both “gold and white” or “black and blue”. In 2018, a similar illusion has cropped up again after someone shared photos of a road that looks as if it’s going in different directions, but they are actually the same.

The photographs were shared on Imgur and Reddit and thousands of people have commented saying the pictures do look different or at least they were taken from different angles or at different heights.

Which direction? These identical street photos are going viral

Which direction? Photo ‘A’ and Photo ‘B’. These identical street photos are going viral.

The sheer amount of reactions from netizens have prompted the pictures to go viral.

‘Experts’ soon tried to explain that that the optical illusion occurred in the photos primarily because the roads appear to converge exactly at the bottom of the pictures. However, all the so-called ‘experts’ were wrong. It was not until one Reddit user pointed out the real picture. Reddit user Shroffinator came up with a solid proof to show that the images are in fact the same.

SOLUTION: When the image labelled ‘A’ is overlapped on top of image ‘B’, the photos in fact show that they are one. Simple right?


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