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Smart bank employee stops robbers by locking door just in time

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Smart bank employee stops robbers by locking door just in time

A group of would-be robbers were stopped from looting a bank in Mexico.

The incident, captured on a CCTV, was reported from Banorte town in Calzada state. It is not clear whether the three men were arrested or not.

However, internet users who shared the video clip on social media sites and on Youtube were amused by their reactions – coolly walking away as the bank employee locked the glass door in a nick of time.

Some people even demanded a pay rise for the employee for having a presence of mind. “Give that man a raise,” one person said while commenting on the incident.

Another YouTube user by the name of Eliz Cringle5 was all praise for the bank employee.

“Bravo to the quick thinking smart security guard,” Eliz said.

Others poked fun at the robbers saying, “Looks like they were trying to make a Saturday afternoon withdrawal.”

Do you agree that the would-be robbers are the most courteous? 😉


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