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Outrage over rapper’s ‘hanging’ of white kid in music video

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Outrage over rapper’s ‘hanging’ of white kid in music video

Rapper XXXTentacion is facing huge backlash for releasing a “disturbing” music video featuring a white Caucasian boy being hanged on a stage as an African-American child looks on.

The music video titled “Look At Me!” was released on Tuesday.

The video features graphic images depicting American police brutality, violent protests. The 19-year-old American rapper is seen placing a noose around a white child’s head on stage in front of a full-house theatre and then hoisting him up into the air.

The child’s feet are then shown dangling and twitching – and suddenly stop!

The casting director LaShawnna Stanley said finding parents who would allow their child to be hanged on stage was a challenge. “We had to delay the video because the mom that originally agreed and said okay but when she got there she didn’t feel comfortable.  We delayed for a week,” said Stanley.


Many social media users questioned the use of a child in the music video.


But some people argued the video’s message was powerful.

Here’s the video:


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