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Mak-up artist Anar Agakishiev makes 80-year-old clients look decades younger

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Mak-up artist Anar Agakishiev makes 80-year-old clients look decades younger

Meet Anar Agakishiev who has the knack for transforming women as old as 80 to look half their age.

The 32-year-old Azerbaijan citizen was born in 1984 on July, in Georgia, in Tibilisi.


BEFORE AND AFTER: – Anar Agakishiev transforms a 80-year-old woman

The artist showed interest in fashion at a young age, but his parents sent him to a medical school. Soon, he left the university without completing his studies to pursue his love.

Anar said he started working as a hairdresser from 1999 and since then he has mastered the art of make-up. He travels across Europe to hold workshops and master classes. Soon, leading stars of Azerbaijan noticed him and his famous clients include singers such as Ruhi, Aygun Kazimova, Roya, Nigar Camal and so on.


WITH ONE OF HIS CLIENTS:  Anar Agakishiev with his client.

Currently, he works daily from his studio in Baku. While catering to all age groups, Anar’s most astonishing works are reflected upon his older clients – old women in the age group of 80s. He is capable of hiding wrinkles, under-eye bags, discoloration and the other common signs of old age.




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