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Faith healer Upa Vanlalbiek alias Upa Bieka dead

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Faith healer Upa Vanlalbiek alias Upa Bieka dead

Ngampabung/Tuisen ( Pu Vanlalbiek (fondly called Pu Bieka) – the simple man whose prayers have restored the common man’s faith in God – is no more.

The news have been confirmed after hours of uncertainty over “strange movements” on his mortal remains just before his burial earlier in the day. Villagers said they saw Pu Bieka’s hands moving when youths were about to put the final nails on his coffin. This prompted the village elders to delay the burial ceremony till late on Saturday night.

“At 10 pm tonight, we finally laid to rest Pu Bieka to be with his heavenly Father whom he served faithfully,” a source quoted Rev Lalpienglawm – Pu Bieka’s brother – as saying from Ngampabung village of Manipur.

upa vl bieka tawngtai dam thei

Upa VL Bieka also confirmed the news of the death independently and that the burial has taken place.

Earlier this year, he was said to be suffering from cancer. Family sources said that Pu Bieka was taken to various hospitals in Silchar and Imphal since last November over complaints of a “head pain”. “We took him to Raj Medicity North AOC in Imphal and then again to Green Hill Cancer Hospital in Silchar this year. When doctors told us that an operation was required, he refused saying ‘it’s not required’,” they added.

Sources also said that Pu Bieka “knew” his end was near. “He received blessings from the Holy Spirit for seven days. He went on without food for seven days and seven nights. He did not even drink water,” those close to him said.

He was “different”

People spanning across Zoram world and across the world who knew Pu Bieka, a church elder from the Assemblies of God, as a man never sought monetary benefits from his healing prayers.

“He remained humble and simple. He felt healing power came as a free gift from God,” said those who claimed to benefit and experience the supernatural power.

The villagers in this region of Pherzawl District have high hope on his power of prayers so much so that some people far from his own village would call him up on a mobile phone to seek his help in locating their lost cattle, keys and many other items besides seeking his prayers for their family members. Some believers also claimed that Pu Bieka was “transported across a river” during floods after praying to God.

He never got married, but he earned the title ‘Pu’ from from believers and ‘Upa’ from the church he served, respectively. Read earlier report: Faith healer Pu Bieka “back from the dead”


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