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Drunk man tried to ‘shake hands’ with a lion

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Drunk man tried to ‘shake hands’ with a lion

It’s true that normal people do strange stuff and drunk people do drunken stuff which are normally not done by normal people.

This was proven by a man who had just enough drink to do that drunken stuff – a handshake with a lion.

A man from Hyderabad was caught on camera trying to ‘shake hands with a lion’ on the night of May 21, 2016 after entering a zoo.

Witnesses claimed that the 35-year-old man climbed into the lion’s den and offered the beast a “hand” of friendship. Well, who doesn’t want to be friend with the king of the jungle!

The man appeared totally calm and amazingly got away without any injuries after officials of the Hyderabad Zoo intervened.

Zoo officials told ANI that “After preliminary enquiry it was found that Mukesh was in an inebriated state and had jumped inside the enclosure to go near the lion. He was handed over to Bahadurpura Police.”



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