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Direct Download Blue Whale Game Link Misused by Scammers

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Direct Download Blue Whale Game Link Misused by Scammers

The deadly Blue Whale Game going viral has been a blessing for many scrappy websites in the last few weeks. While the curiosity over the nature of the game fascinates many people around the world, there has been a spurt in online search for the game.

Not only that, scammers are also using the phenomena to spread virus to mobile users by sending user messages claiming to have direct access to the game.

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The game has become more viral via WhatsApp as some people have reportedly received links claiming to be websites/sites where they can check out the deadly game. Remember, such website links can cause harm to your mobile device as they could be used to download files in the background.

Remember This: –

Blue Whale is not a game. There’s no such game as Blue Whale is not a game, but a dangerous form of online bullying. It is far from being a game where you can have fun.

So, when someone sends you a “blue whale game download link”, you should immediately see red and delete it. Don’t even open such websites.

Please don’t contact us for blue whale game download links. Read our earlier report on how and why Blue Whale game did not exists, as of today both on website and on mobile as an application.

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