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Brave homeowner takes down armed robbers with a machete

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Brave homeowner takes down armed robbers with a machete

Being fearless can be tough in times of real crisis, but this man from the United States shows that not all armed robbers are as brave as himself.

Leandro Mojena-Peralta from Sarasota Country and his family were sitting in their home when three masked men armed with a shotgun, crowbar and machete jumped the fence in the early hours of Thursday. However, Leandro Mojena-Peralta, about 38 years, instead of giving in to the orders of the robbers went to take his huge machete and fought back bravely.

The terrified robbers were taken aback and soon with the help of his friend grabbed one of the robbers’ shotgun. Other two fled from the scene, according to the Sheriff’s office. The entire incident was captured on a CCTV camera.

So far, four people have been arrested and all of them are cooling their heels in the Sarasota County jail without bail.



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