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Blue Whale Game App Download Link and Challenges (Awareness for Parents)

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Blue Whale Game App Download Link and Challenges (Awareness for Parents)

Blue Whale Game is taking many by surprise with more than 10 countries reporting related suicides because of this “deadly game”.

The blue whale is an endangered mammal – the largest in fact – and it’s namesake is be swallowing many innocent victims.

So, what is Blue Whale Game? Can you get a Blue Whale Game Website and Blue Whale Game Download Link?

Many people are asking where to find blue whale game download link and how to play this game? The simple answer is: There are no specific websites where you can download the game. However, you will get a download link when someone sends you the Blue Whale Download link via social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram.

They will ask you whether you want to play the game? If you answer in positive, they will send you the download link of Blue Whale Game.

The person behind this game is a Russian national. Philipp Budeikin created Blue Whale Game in 2013 and soon he was arrested after the Russian officials linked him to a chain of  teenage suicides. Later, Budeikin pled guilty to “inciting at least 16 teenage girls to commit suicide”, leading to Russian suicide prevention legislation and renewed world-wide concern over the Blue Whale phenomenon.

However, the game continues to spread across continents.

Countries affected by Blue Whale Game 🐋 (For latest updates on list of countries: See: Wikipedia)

  1. Bulgaria
  2. India
  3. China
  4. Britain
  5. Italy
  6. Paraguay
  7. Portugal
  8. Russia
  9. Saudi Arabia
  10. Serbia
  11. Spain
  12. The United States of America
  13. Uruguay
  14. Venezuela

What is the strategy of Blue Whale Game

Blue Whale Game is basically a strategy game that has little to do with any software or website. Some scrupulous people just deploy Budeikin’s game as a tool and inspiration to find their victims. So, your next door neighbour could be the one sending you the ‘Blue Whale Game Challenge’. Scary right?

Blue Whale Game

Why are people committing suicide because of Blue Whale?

Blue Whale is basically for the weak mind. So, when a persons states that he or she wants to start a game that has no return button (literally), he or she is defenceless. The perpetrators would try to blackmail the player with threats to release private materials on the Internet. So, many players are afraid and they kept on doing the task their handlers dictate.

This is how Blue Whale Game Works/ Rules for playing Blue Whale Game:-

  1. If you agree to play Blue Whale Game, you will get download link from someone via social network links.
  2. You must wake up at 4:20 am and complete one task assigned to you by the admin on a daily basis.
  3. Blue Whale player must complete 50 tasks.
  4. The last and final – the 50th task – of the player is to kill himself or herself.
  5. You will have to provide the proof that you completed the daily task by sending photos to the admin.

How the ‘curators’ of Blue Whale  Game find their victims

Blue Whale Game first started speaking on Russian social media where the Blue Whale App download link was shared among users. People wishing to play the game sign up and add their profiles. Soon, their details were captured by the game curators and the challenge is thrown at the players. These days, the curators of Blue Whale Game tracked specific hashtags on social media to find their victims. Some of these hashtags are #curatorfindme #iamawhale #thebluewhale #wakemeupat420 and so on.

So, what is the Blue Whale Challenge Game?

This video by Arre explains how the game works. This is a must-watch.

Watch How A 7-Year-Old-Girl Who Played Blue Whale Challenge Game

Some of The Challenges of Blue Whale Game

  1. Carve a blue whale image with a razor on the arm or legs
  2. Curve “f57” on hand or legs
  3. Wake up at 4.20 am and watch psychedelic & scary videos that are sent to you by the curator
  4. Cut arm with a razor along with your veins, but not too deep, just 3 cuts.
  5. Draw a blue whale on paper
  6. Ready to “become a whale”, you must carve “YES” on your leg OR cut yourself many times
  7. Task with a cipher
  8. Carve “f40” on your hand
  9. Listen to music curator send you.
  10. Type “#i_am_whale” in your VKontakte status
  11. Wake up at 4:20 am & go to a roof and stand on the edge of a roof
  12. Watch horror videos entire day
  13. Carve a whale on your hand with a razor
  14. Cut your lip with a razor
  15. Poke your hand with needle
  16. Go to a bridge, stand on the edge.
  17. Do something painful to yourself that will make you sick
  18. Climb a crane
  19. ‘Talk with a whale” –  This means you will talk with other players like you or even with a curator over Skype. Usually the curator hides their real identity.
  20. Go to the roof, sit on the edge with your legs dangling
  21. Meet a “whale”
  22. Curator tells victim date of his or her death and they have to accept it
  23. Wake up at 4:20 am and go to railway tracks
  24. Don’t talk to anyone
  25. Take a vow that “you are whale.”
  26. Jump off a high building. Take your life.

….And many other dangerous stuff…. proof of which must be send to the curator.


1. Blue Whale Game: Kolkata victim

An engineering student was caught playing blue whale game. Reports said he reached till the 8th level. He carved a blue whale image on his arm using a razor blade. The ‘curators’ contacted him via WhatsApp. He was however saved by his friends.

2. Blue Whale Game: Uttar Pradesh victim

Few days ago, a 13-year-old teenager by the name of Parth Singh committed suicide by hanging himself in his room. He was a 6th standard student. Media reports said that he received messages and calls from his ‘curator’ to finish difficult tasks, but Singh found it was easier to take his life.

3. Blue Whale Game: Tamil Nadu victim

A 19-year-old teenager Vignesh hanged himself to death at his home on August 30, 2017. The commerce student wrote a suicide letter with a warning to all: “Blue Whale- This is not a game but danger. Once you enter, you can never exit.” Vignesh also carved a picture if blue whale on his left hand, police said.

There are many other cases in recent days and parents should ensure that their kids are using mobile apps that are safe. It is also advisable to scan WhatsApp and Social Media inboxes to ensure that your kids are safe from threats and bullying by these so-called ‘curators’. Analysts say that these ‘curators’ could be someone who is/are known to the victims.

Download Blue Whale Game APK

You will not find the Blue Whale Game app on Google Play Store or Apple Store. If you are too curious to play, you will have to download Blue Whale Game app from third-party sources. Please make sure that you do not download from websites that are infected by malware or virus. The best is to not even try it – because the ‘game’ is all in the mind of the perpetrators who played on their victims’ fear. You may think that you are playing a game, but you are being played.

There may be some websites where they will claim that they have the Blue Whale Game mobile app apk file. Don’t believe them. There are also so many YouTube videos where they claim to provide info on Blue Whale and within their video description you will see a Download Blue Whale Game Here link. Remember, those are scams. Never install any apps unless you get them from Google Playstore or Apple Playstore. Such app will steal your private details and even your photos and videos from your phones and computers. There is no such software. Remember, Blue Whale is a ‘Strategy Game’ played on you by scammers and bad people.


The people at AASRA ( are helping desperate people. If you need help, just contact them or your local psychiatrist.

Finally, we will remind our readers the answer to this question: ‘How To Download Original Blue Whale Suicide Game?’ is a simple ‘Don’t think about downloading it. Because there’s not one such software or app.’

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