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BBC Journalist Touches Woman’s Breast During Live Broadcast [VIDEO]

Brown pushes the woman away during the live show. Courtesy: BBC News

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BBC Journalist Touches Woman’s Breast During Live Broadcast [VIDEO]

BBC presenter Ben Brown accidentally goof up during a live broadcast and pushed a woman away by her breast after she attempted to interrupt the news show.

Brown was talking to his colleague and assistant political editor Norman Smith about the launch of the British Labour Party manifesto in Bradford in front of a live camera when the woman, a supporter of Labour candidate Jeremy Corbyn, suddenly came in the frame in between the two men and shouted: “Absolutely fantastic”.

Brown appeared to take a glance at the woman and immediately push her out of the frame during which his hand on her chest all the time.

The anonymous woman, who appeared to be smiling initially, was taken aback by the journalist’s gesture and swatted Mr. Brown right on his shoulder before walking away from the camera.

Later, Brown later claimed on Twitter that his action was innocent and unintentional.

Twitter world was equally divided on live drama.

Some people claimed that Brown looked straight at the woman as his hand was on her chest. They said it cannot be unintentional.


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