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Baby found breast-feeding on dead mother

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Baby found breast-feeding on dead mother

A baby was found breast-feeding on his dead mother in Uttar Pradesh’s village of Damod under Bundelkhand district on Tuesday morning.

As his mother lay motionless on the ground near a railway crossing, the fourteen-month-old child had no idea that his mother was already dead.

Even the people who noticed the incident did not realized that the woman had passed away. “The people came to know that the woman was dead only after they tried to move her,” TV reports said.

Soon, forensic officials arrived and initial probe based on the blood from the nose and ears suggested that the woman had slipped and fell from a train. “She died of internal injuries,” said TV reports quoting officials.

The officials added that the woman initially lost consciousness and woke up again “possibly awaken by her crying child” and “she tried to breast-feed him and even gave him a biscuit”. The official’s version seems to be supported by a biscuit packet in the woman’s hand –  a biscuit piece was also in the child’s hand.

The child has been admitted to hospital even as official are trying to identify his mother based on her belongings in the purse. Some say she could be from Tikumgarh.


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