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10 Controversial Games Similar to Blue Whale Game

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10 Controversial Games Similar to Blue Whale Game

The viral and deadly Blue Whale Game phenomena has spread far and wide. People all over the world are looking for Blue Whale Game App or a Blue Whale Game Download Link. From Russia to India and now it is victimising British kids as young as seven years old. While this monstrous challenge has claimed the lives of over 20 people worldwide, it continues to spread online via social media accounts.

What is Blue Whale Game Challenge?

In simple words, the Blue Whale Game entice youngsters to take a 50-day challenge – completing one game each day. The challenges are assigned by an anonymous administrator and the player is required to submit a photographic evidence on a daily basis to prove the challenge was completed. As the challenges become more dangerous, some administrators encouraged the players to do self-harm – with some young victims scoring the shape of a blue whale on their forearm. And on the 50th day, the ‘administrator’ purportedly encourage the innocent player to commit suicide.

Why the name Blue Whale Challenge?

Blue Whale game is named after the largest mammal because sometimes these sea creatures will beach themselves and then die after failing to get back into the sea.


The Internet/Online world is full of dangerous challenges. Here are some of the most-shocking, dangerous and controversial challenges that have swept the Internet world. Proponents of these games usually use sick hashtags on social media to find their victims.

1. Tombstoning

A person is challenged to jump off a cliff. Many teens fall for this game. Peer pressure and the urge to belong to a peer group often lead to such acts.

2. Thumb Breaker Challenge

This challenge involve a victim being challenged to break his or her thumb after watching a video tutorial on how to break a thumb.

3. Subway Surfing

This challenge has resulted in loss of many lives. Players are dared to jump in front of a subway train.

4. Fire Challenge

Players douse themselves in infalmable material and then et themselves on fire to see if they can douse the fire and come out of their clothers within a given timeframe.

5. Condom Challenge

A condom is filled with water and dropped on the player’s head. This game has resulted in victims being rushed to hospitals. Mostly done by pranksers even on some YouTube videos.

6. Banana and Sprite Challenge

A player is challenged to eat two bananas and then drink a bottle of Sprite without vomiting.

7. Neknominate

Neknominate is a game involving heavy drinking and then doing dangerous daredevil challenges. Most played among a group of friends during parties.

8. Happy Slapping

A group of friends goes on slapping random people while others capture in on their mobile phones and then sharing it on social media and video sharing channels.

9. Milk Chugging or The Gallon Challenge

In this absurd game, the player will have to drink an entire gallon of milk without vomiting. Most people who tried on social media/video sharing sites ended up in bad shapes.

10. Salt and Ice Challenge

This game involves pouring of water and salt on the arm at the same time. It causes severe burns.

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