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The Voice of Startups, for Startups, by a Startup – I Am An Entrepreneur


The Voice of Startups, for Startups, by a Startup – I Am An Entrepreneur

Meghna Maiti, Editor-in-Chief, I Am An Entrepreneur at writes about her latest venture as an entrepreneur.

Who is “I”?  

In declaring ourselves as the resounding “I” within an entrepreneur, working relentlessly for the “entrepreneur” of a startup venture, ‘I Am An Entrepreneur’ is a voice – A voice of startups, for startups! We are here to inspire, influence, and transform millions of ideas and enhance entrepreneurial skills for the next level. We say it with pride; we shout and scream; urge you to join-in in the declaration… “I Am An Entrepreneur.”

Our digital entrepreneur news portal is a platform through which we aim to distribute quality news, information, and analysis related to start-ups, trade, funding, and entrepreneurship as a whole. One of our primary goals at ‘I Am An Entrepreneur’ (IAAE) is to publish content through which readers can directly communicate with the entrepreneur fraternity via our journalists and writers.

Starting Young:

IAAE, conceptualised and launched in December 2016, is powered by Start Guru, a dedicated one-stop platform for start-ups and new entrepreneurs. Start Guru and its affiliates are registered under the parent brand Guru Media & Entertainment.

As an entrepreneur who started young, MD and CEO, Satish Raju understands the joys and difficulties of running an entrepreneurial venture. As the startup culture encourages innovation and out-of-the-box solutions to design the face of tomorrow, it’s only imperative to feed this young cub to become a roaring beast of tomorrow. Start Guru is the first step toward the realisation of that dream to nurture and give back to the startup community, the same community that welcomed him with open arms 19 years ago.

Guru Media and Entertainment has three business verticals: Communication Guru, which is a mainline advertising agency; Digital Guru, which is a Digital Agency and; Start Guru, which acts as a platform to facilitate solutions for start-ups. The company has offices across Dubai, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.

Vision and Mission:

Our goal at IAAE is to write unbiased stories about start-ups and entrepreneurs. The goal of each story is to bring out the raw emotions and feelings of the founders – the obstacles they faced, the efforts that seemed futile, the sense of hopelessness during the arduous journey, the reality of failure, their perseverance despite the odds, and the eventual success.

The reputation of IAAE rests on the impact created by us, the perceptions among the readers and the entrepreneurial fraternity, and the reach and connection it allows our readers.  The editorial team and management of IAAE have no vested interest in its news and publishing venture apart from the goodwill and connection it offers the masses.

Equality & Inclusivity

At any start-up, the culture of the company becomes its differentiating factor. We encourage people with different mind-sets and opinions to join us so that we can thrive together in our diversity. We respect each other’s differences and learn from each other. We nurture fun and creativity in our office space and help people feel free and open.

Our constant endeavour is to tell the truth in an unbiased manner. We want to be less polarised in our stories, opinions, and views, presenting each entrepreneur’s journey through his own words. We would encourage our readers to develop a more balanced way of looking at stories and entrepreneurs and not buy into any notions of right and wrong, acceptance and rejection, and success or failure.

We will try our best to reach out to you all with the best possible information available to us. Please do reach out to us for all interesting story ideas.

As a startup,

Everyday, we hustlin’!


Editor, Zoram Observer. We publish news from Mizoram, Manipur, Meghalaya, Tripura, Assam and rest of Zoram world.

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