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Synopsis of Sizo Festival 2018


Synopsis of Sizo Festival 2018

SIZO: Sizo is the name of an edible herb which is a favourite dish among the tribals for ages. It is not known when sizo became food among the Manmasi Hmar people who originated from Sinlung.

There are many unique qualities of sizo. It is an all-season evergreen tree. It has the resilience to survive in different conditions. Botanists and researchers will find a lot of interesting qualities about it. There are hardly any place in the North East India where sizo does not grow.

Sizo is a common item of food among the Hmars. In all the feasts—Christmas, New Year, marriage, promotion, etc and in all occasions, sizo is a common ingredient of the dishes. The presence of sizo leaves always gives delight to the partakers. This is how it has been through for generations.

SIZO FESTIVAL: The vision to celebrate Sizo Festival was first initiated by Pu Timothy Zote, President H.Y.A, Saikot Branch, wherein it was discussed as agenda in a series of meetings. In the third meeting, a resolution was finally passed to celebrate the festival. It could not materialise immediately due to the lack of funds. However, by the grace of God and with the determination, dedication and generosity of people, we have reached this stage and are really happy about it .

SIZO HME/ CURRY: The favourite dish among the Manmasi Hmar people includes sizo curry with beef, especially the intestines, sizo with porridge, sizo with yam-fermented soya bean are very common. It could form an ingredient in many types of dishes all at the same time without losing its distinctive taste which tempt people to eat more food. Sizo can also be cooked alone with porridge which is a ready dish for the people. Sizo hmepawk/ porridge with beef intestines, chicken, beef, pork, etc are items one cannot do without on important occasions. Among the edible leaves, sizo is one that goes along quite well with our culture. It is quite fitting to sing along together SIZO FESTIVAL to celebrate the occasion.

Owing to its prevalence, sizo seems to be in the blood of the Hmar people. Wherever they are settled in Delhi or even in foreign countries, this is the dish that the Hmars relish. Some modern folk songs like “Sizo Changal Hmepawk” sung by Pu Edward TC Hrangate has become very popular. Songs with sizo as the theme has also been composed by Pu Lalrawngbawla Ralte and Pu Timothy Z. Zote.

VISION OBJECTIVE: For the Manmasi Hmar people, sizo has been from time immemorial a popular food item which cannot be just brushed aside from our culture even today, it suits the taste buds of the people, have culinary history in good taste, which leads to the desire in our hearts to celebrate the SIZO FESTIVAL.


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