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Hmeichhe Pathum Video Leaked: Should Police Investigate?



Hmeichhe Pathum Video Leaked: Should Police Investigate?

The latest round of Mizo sex scandal which allegedly involved three women having sex with one man in Mizoram has become a hot topic among social media users.

While we are not sure even if such a video exists, social network users on Facebook and WhatsApp claimed that the video appears to be authentic.

The topic “Hmeichhe Pathum” was trending on Facebook today.

Some painted the man in the video as “irresponsible dude” who has “no respect for the women’s privacy.”

Others blamed the women for agreeing to be part of “such sinful act.”

“It’s not a good thing for the man to leak such video but the women appeared to be willing participants and they showed the world who they really are,” another Facebook user said.

While it is not clear, the video was deliberately leaked, it is clearly a cause for concern as it effects our society to the core. The sex may be consensual, but leaking it on the Internet/online is definitely a crime. For example: Mizoram may tolerate a man having a record number of wives and becoming the “world’s largest family”, but won’t it be a criminal act for him to leak his private moments with the wives?

Do you think the police should launch an investigation into the issue so that the guilty can be brought to book.


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