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Texas hunter kills and poses with human-size bull frog


Texas hunter kills and poses with human-size bull frog

A Texas man has claimed that he killed a monster bull frog, almost his size, and the internet just can’t stop talking about it.

Marcuz Rangel posted a photo of himself and his monster size frog which weighed about 13 pounds.

Marcuz claimed that he shot the frog in a ranch pond near Batesville in Texas.

With a rifle in one hand the the frog on the other, Marcuz’s photo has gone viral after he posted it on the Facebook page of the South Texas Hunting Association on May 25.

While some people were instantly amazed, there were also others who remain sceptical about the photo.

However, putting to rest the doubters, Steve Lightfoot, who is spokesman for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, confirmed that the photo and the frog were indeed real. He said the frog was big but there were some elements of optical illusion which makes the frog look bigger.

Lightfoot said that fishermen use this photo technique in their camera to make the fish appear bigger than actually are. “The same has been done here,” he said.


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