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Vantawng waterfall only 99 metres high, say Mizoram adventure clubs


Vantawng waterfall only 99 metres high, say Mizoram adventure clubs

Aizawl ( In what could be a shock to the people of Mizoram and the world, Mizoram-based the Zotrek Youth Adventure Club and the Zotlang Youth Adventure Club have declared that the height of the highest waterfall in Mizoram, Vantawng Khawthla is just 99 metres high which is 130 metres short of the generally accepted height of 229 metres (750 ft).

Officials of the adventure clubs told a press conference on Thursday that about 37 members of the adventure clubs went to the site in early January this year to measure the actual height of the waterfall. 29 out of 37 members conducted trekking on Vantawng waterfall with the help of 600 ft. long rope.

Vantawng Falls in Mizoram

To clear doubts about the generally believed height of the waterfall (229 metres), members of the adventure clubs felt the need to verify the exact height of the waterfall and on February 4 it was measured with the help of measuring tape and altimeters which accordingly revealed that the exact height of ‘Vantawng Khawthla’ is just 99 metres (324.8 ft) high, they said.

They said that the presumed height of the waterfall (229 metres) which is generally accepted by the people of Mizoram and the world turned out to be false after measurement.

No longer the 13th highest waterfall in India?

Citing that the new discovery could changed some recorded milestones in Mizoram, leaders of the adventure clubs said that Vantawng waterfall is considered to be the 13th highest waterfall in India since it was believed to be 229 metres hight, but its exact height is different. However, the waterfall will still be the highest in the state.

“We asked many state officials and others about the existing height, but none of them could give exact answer to how the height of the waterfall was measured to be 229 metres high,” they said.

The Vantawng Falls which is called Vantawng Khawthla in local parlance is located 5 kilometres south of  Thenzawl in Serchhip district. It is about 30 kilometres from Serchhip town and 137 kilometres from Aizawl and is regarded as the highest waterfall in Mizoram.


Co-Editor, Mr. Khojol is a journalist based in Aizawl, Mizoram. He writes for various national and regional media houses. In his free time, he can be caught reading books and watching movies.

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