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Time to think beyond autonomy, Mizoram Home Minister Lalzirliana says at Hmar Martyrs’ Day


Time to think beyond autonomy, Mizoram Home Minister Lalzirliana says at Hmar Martyrs’ Day

Saikawt ( Mizoram Home Minister R Lalzirliana has called for reconciliation and forgiveness in order to ushered a lasting peace in the northeastern region of the state.

“Instead of looking back we should look forward for the sake of peace,” Lalzirliana said while calling upon the Hmar leaders to make the Easter Monday Peace Accord a success. He was speaking as chief guest on the occasion of the 28th Hmar Martys’ Day at Saikawt village in Manipur.

The minister also said that surrendered militants will get all the benefits as per the law passed by the state government. “Those interested will be trained in skilled development,” he said.

He also called for emotional unity of Zofate tribes.

“The Hmar Mizos need to understand that we need to stand united and also shed the feeling for the need of a separate autonomy council,” he said.

The minister, however, repeatedly committed a faux pas by stating “1984” as the year when the armed cadres of the Hmar People’s Convention and the Mizoram government signed the first peace accord. It was in 1994 that the two sides signed a deal paving the way for the creation of Sinlung Hills Development Council Accord.

The event was also attended by local MLAs – Dr Chaltonlien Amaw and Vungzagin Valte – Hmar Inpui leaders, Hmar Youth Association leaders, Hmar Students’ Association leaders and other dignitaries. From the HPC-D side, their ‘army chief’ Lalropui Famhoite attended the event with his comrades. It was incidentally his last public event. He passed away due to BP complications a week later on May 21 at Imphal.

Dr Chaltonlien Amaw said the there’s still one thing left for Mizoram government to do. “There’s still one crucial thing left for Mizoram government to do. In order to make the peace accord between Mizoram government and HPC-D, the former has to pass a bill in the state Assembly which must meet the demands and aspirations of the former rebels. This is necessary for lasting peace,” Dr Amaw said.

Here are some video clips from the 28th Hmar Martyrs’ Day memorial event.

Gun salute to Hmar Martyrs

Special number by Serafim Voices

Special number by Lalengvari Sinate

Special number by Marlyn Varte

Special number by Jajai Singsit

Special number by Blessed Choir






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