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PRISM slams Congress government over NLUP fund allocation


PRISM slams Congress government over NLUP fund allocation

Aizawl, January 5: Accusing the government of starting the year with spreading false about state flagship programme NLUP, ‘People’s Representation for Identity and Status of Mizoram’ (PRISM) on Friday slammed NLUP Implementing Board chairman JH Rothuama for his remarks that the government received additional fund allocation for NLUP programme beyond the state annual budget.

“This is a total lie,” PRISM said.

A press statement issued by the anti-corruption watchdog turned political party PRISM quoted Rothuama as saying that the government received special package to the tune of nearly Rs 3,000 crore from the central government for NLUP programme.

Accusing the NLUP Implementing Board chairman of fabricating false, PRISM said that the NLUP fund of about Rs 2,800 crore was accumulated from different sources of different schemes and that the government did not receive any additional allocation from the central government.

“We, along with the people of Mizoram were of the knowledge that Rs 2,800 crore out of our state annual budget, which was diverted from different schemes was allocated for the flagship programme and the central government did not sanction any special package against claimed by the board chairman,” the press statement said and asked the whereabout of Rs 3,000 crore allocated by the centre for NLUP programme.

The party also slammed the government for its plan to continue distributing NLUP assistance to beneficiaries as it proved ineffective in improving the economic status of farmers. It therefore, asked the government to give financial assistance to farmers for their starts up depending on their harvest instead of impoverishing the state by illogical distribution of fund.

PRISM close

During a release function of NLUP calendar on Thursday, JH Rothuama had said that the state government received special package of nearly Rs. 3,000 crore from the central government for implementing NLUP programme in the state. He also said that the government would continue with disbursing NLUP assistance to beneficiaries as many of them are yet to be covered.

PRISM said that it would give top priority to self-sufficiency in food grains which is the main items of the Mizos, if it comes to power in the next assembly elections and promised to give financial assistance of Rs 100 per 1 tin (local measurement of unhusked rice) of food grains or rice to each farmer. It further said that monetary assistance would also be given to farmers for growing selected vegetables, which would be selected by experts for cultivation depending on climate and market.

The party expressed hope that economic self-sufficiency would soon be achieved if systematic changes are introduced in the state.


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