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Narrow escape for road users in Mizoram (Must-Watch Video)


Narrow escape for road users in Mizoram (Must-Watch Video)

Aizawl ( A video clip of a man taking a selfie near a landslide-prone area in Mizoram has gone viral on message sharing app WhatsApp. Mizoram has been hit by heavy rain in the last few weeks and landslides have cut off roads at several places. On Wednesday, the State Disaster Management said 10 people have lost their lives in landslide related incidents whereas unofficial sources put the figure at 11.

The video clip is said to be taken somewhere near the state capital of Aizawl. One person can be seen posing for quick a video shot as someone in the back can be heard saying, “We need to leave this area immediately.”

BEFORE AND AFTER: The man in blue polo t-shirt poses for a video and soon after this is what happens. If you are travelling, leave landslide-prone areas quickly. Courtesy: WhatsApp/HPL

However, within second, before they could move away from the spot, the land slipped away and buried some vehicles which were coming from behind.

Sources said there were no casualties and the passengers escaped with minor injuries.

Don’t Selfie or Pose for Videos In Landslide-Prone Areas

Meanwhile, the Kolasib District administration has issued an alert to the general public not to venture in the downstream areas of Turial Hydel Dam. The office said the water levels in the dam have crossed the danger mark and NEEPCO officials were going to release some waters to take the load off the dam walls.


The weather prediction for the next few days is not good for Aizawl. According to, the state capital will continue to receive rainfall at least till next Thursday.

In other parts of the state like Lunglei, sources told us that volunteers from the Young Mizo Association were helping state government officials in restoring state highways. Today, the road to the Lengpui Airport was partially open to traffic in a phased manner. The government said yesterday that it was instituting a committee to meet the challenges of natural calamities.


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