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Home Minister Rajnath Singh greeted with beef fest in Mizoram

People stand in queue to take part in the beef festival despite rains in Aizawl on June 13,2017. Photo:


Home Minister Rajnath Singh greeted with beef fest in Mizoram

Aizawl ( Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh was greeted with beef feast as he landed in Mizoram today to review security situation along the Indo-Myanmar border here.

Opposing the controversial decision of the BJP led central government banning slaughter of cattle for sale in the markets, Zolife group and other activists today organised beef ban bashing banquet in Aizawl.

The event was held at Vanapa hall where a large crowd including women gathered admist heavy rains to take delight at the festival.

“We are strongly against the government’s attempt to ban beef which is one of the most important traditional food items of the Mizo,” one of the organisers told

Speaking on the occasion, a member of Zolife group and writer Lalrinfela Hauhnar better known as Mafaa Hauhnar said beef has been closely related with Mizo custom, tradition and religion.

“Beef has cultural importance with Mizos. Customarily, cow and bufallo are widely used as bride price in marriage among Mizos and in many occasions, the Mizos can’t hold grand feast unless beef is included in the menu,” he said, adding the decision to impose ban on beef is an instance of disrespect to Mizo Christians and their custom.

“Though the centre has said beef ban would not affect culturally and ethnically diversified Northeast region, the ban, if strictly imposed in the whole of the country would surely affect the food habit of Mizos in the near future,” said another Zolife group member.

Lalremruata Varte, a leading member of Zolife group also said that the beef festival was not an attempt to hurt the sentiment of the Hindus but a token of opposing the central’s decision to impose ban on cow slaughter.

“The beef festival was a grand success as over 3000 people gathered to take part in it, but we could only served to some 1500 as we have prepared the dish less and was not sufficient to feed all who came,” he said.

Mizoram BJP unit against beef ban

Meanwhile, state BJP chief Hluna had said that there is no problem in eating beef in Mizoram as its consumption is allowed in the Bible.

Speaking to reporters earlier, he had said that people should not worry about central government’s notification on cattle ban.

“I am aware about the recent government notification on cattle ban but I would like to clarify that as per Bible, eating beef is allowed,” he said.


Co-Editor, Mr. Khojol is a journalist based in Aizawl, Mizoram. He writes for various national and regional media houses. In his free time, he can be caught reading books and watching movies.

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