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Hmar Martyrs’ Day observed in different parts of Mizoram

The main event was held in Aizawl, Mizoram, on May 16, 2017.


Hmar Martyrs’ Day observed in different parts of Mizoram

Aizawl: Along with rest of the Hmars in different parts of India, the Hmars in Mizoram on Tuesday observed Hmar MartyrsDay in different parts of the state, especially in Hmar dominated Sinlung Hills Development Council to pay homage to the heroes who have lost their lives for the cause of the tribe.

In Aizawl, the Hmar MartyrsDay observation was held at I&PR Auditorium where many people gathered to remember and commemorate the sacrifices made by the Hmar volunteers in their fight for an Autonomous District Council in Mizoram.

Organised by Sinlung Hills Development Council (SHDC), the 27 edition of Hmar MartyrsDay was graced by SHDC chairman Hmingchungnunga and SHDC secretary Lalchungnunga as special guests.

Speaking on the occasion Hmingchungnunga, former rebel leader of the erstwhile HPC and sitting chairman of SHDC said the day was important not only for the Hmar people alone, but also all the people living in SHDC area since the martyrs have laid down their lives for the betterment of the people of this area.

He said that the Hmar Martyrs’ Day become a bond of integration among the Hmar tribes and called upon the Hmar people to re-unify themselves through the blood and sacrifice made by the martyrs.

Apart from Hmingchungnunga, several leaders from the Hmar community including HPC founder president J. Laldinliana, Hmar Inpui Gen. Hqrs J. Lalchhanhima, Hmar Inpui, Mizoram region president Lalvenhima Hmar, Hmar Students’ Association, Aizawl Joint Headquarters president K. Lalramtana and representatives of martyr families and HPC returnees also addressed the martyrs’ day observation. Many popular singers from the Hmar community including Esther and Lalramchan Amo mesmerized the gathering crowd with patriotic songs on the occasion.

Pu Lalmuanpuia Punte attends the Hmar Martyrs Day event at Vairengte, Mizoram, on May 16, 2017.

The Hmar Peoples Convention movement claimed many lives on both the government and the Hmar rebels sides.

The HPC cadres killed before the peace accord with the government in 1994 were:

1. Lienhmingthang, of Sartuineka; died in Moniarkhal.
2. Lalhuoplien, of Sakawrdaia, died in Moniarkhal.
3. J. Lalngurliana, of Sailutar, died in Khawlien.
4. Lalnuntluong, of Mauchar, died in Kolasib (Rengtekawn).
5. Lalhmingthang, of Tinghmun, died in Sartuinek.
6. Sapzawmlien, of Sakawrdai, died in Kolasib Police Station.
7. Lalthangsei, of Sakawrdai, died in Kolasib Police Station.
8. Saikaplien, of Tinghmun, died in Churachandpur.
9. H. L Biekien, of Lungthulien, died in Churachandpur.
10. Changneikung, of Kawtlien, died in Khawdungsei.
11. Kaltluong, of Kawtlien, died in Khawdungsei.
12. Lalruotsang, of Kawtlien, died in Khawdungsei.
13. Dolien, of Sailutar, died in Aizawla P/S.
14. Nungbieklien, of Vaitin, died in Maulien.
15. Lalnilien, of Tinghmuna, died in Khawlien.
16. Zoarthang, of Pherzawl, died in Saipum-Saiphai.
17. Lalthangsei, of Sakawrdai, died in Saipum-Saiphai.
18. Lalkhumlien, of Tinghmun, died on the banks of Tuiruong river.
19. H.L.Huola, of Lungthulien, died in Patpuihmun.
20. Tlangbiekthuom, of Lungthulien, died in Patpuihmun.
21. Lalngaichhung, of Sakawrdai, died in Arda paddy field.
22. Lalparlawma, of Phuoibuong, died in Sitam paddy field.
23. J.H.Thanzama, of Sakawrdai, died in Tinsuong (camp).
24. Lalchhanchhuah, of Lungthulien, died in Tinsuong (camp).
25. Larolien, of Kawlien,  died in Tinsuong (camp).
26. Zaneisang, of Sakawrdai, died in Tinsuong (camp).
27. Daihmingthang, of Vaitin, died in Lungthulien.
28. N.K.Lama Vaiphei, of New Vervek, died in Aizawla Central Jail.
29. Vanramthang, of B. Vaitin, died in Muolvaiphei.
30. Lalboi Haokip, of Tuibuong, died in Phaipuiram.
31. Joyful Infimate, of Imphal, died in Phaipuiram.
32. John Barnet Varte, of Tinghmun, died in Joypur.
33. Rev. Laltanlien, of Retzawl, died in Nowgong Jail.
34. J. Sangkhum, of Sartuinek, died on the banks of Tuiruong river.
35. Lalnunzir, of Zohmun, died on the banks of Tuiruong river.
36. Lalhmingsang, of Suongpuilawn, died on the banks of Tuiruong river.
37. Lalremvel, of Arda, died in Arda.
38. J. Samuel, of Kapakhala, died in Retzawl.
39. Zomawi, of Hmartlangmawi, died in Hmartlangmawi.
40. Vanlalsiem, of Sakawrdai, died in Silchar Central Jail.
41. Chalhranglien, of Parbung, died in Zakradawr.
42. Thanglienkhum, of Sakawrdai, died inRengkai paddy field.
43. Vanlalsawm, of Sakawrdai, died in Pherzawl.
44. J. Lalhminglien, of Lamka, died in Damdiei.


The Hmar MartyrsDay was also observed with great reverence in SHDC area and different parts of North East India- Manipur, Assam, Tripura and Meghalaya and also in some Indian metropolitan cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore. In Assam, the main events were held in Guwahati and Muolhoi.

Hmar youths give a gun salute to the deceased martyrs in Muolhoi, Assam.

In Manipur, the main commemorative event was held in Saikot during the closing ceremony of the Hmar Martyrs’ Trophy (football tournament). There was an eye-catching demonstration of traditional dances featuring the heroic conduct of the Hmar men prior to the kick-off, while the players, officials and the crowd that gathered on the occasion paid homage to the departed souls.

It is worth mentioning that every Hmar households have their traditional shawls flying within their respective compound the entire day to mark their observance of Hmar Martyrsday.

The first Hmar Martyrs’ Day was observed in 1990 within HPC outfit and then later from 1991 by the whole tribe.

Later, the scope of MartyrsDay was enlarged to include those martyrs who died in the 1960 Hmar– Kuki ethnic clash. There is also an intention and plan among Hmar leaders to include those who had been killed in Hmar-Dimasa clash (2003) in NC Hills and Cachar in Assam.There were 44 people died during the HPC movement, 7 in Hmar– Kuki ethnic clash and around 45 people died in Hmar-Dimasa ethnic violence.


Co-Editor, Mr. Khojol is a journalist based in Aizawl, Mizoram. He writes for various national and regional media houses. In his free time, he can be caught reading books and watching movies.

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