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Destiny Consultancy trying to send people to Australia without permit: report

Destiny Consultancy office at the Millenium Center in Aizawl. Photo courtesy: Hillsgate Mizo Weekly


Destiny Consultancy trying to send people to Australia without permit: report

Aizawl (  Aizawl-based J&J Employment Agency (aka Destiny Consultancy) has sent at least 1300 people to Singapore and Macau and the consultancy firm is trying to send people seeking employment to Australia without permit, claims a report by local Mizo weekly Hillsgate.

Destiny Consultancy, according to the report, is functioning from B-67, Millenium Centre first floor, in Mizoram capital Aizawl.

“As per their advertisement, the firm can find work for people who want to go to Australia. They also claimed that various employment opportunities are available for those having HSLC certificate… They advertised that a lot of jobs are available for nurses,” the report said, adding that the salary of the workers are more than Rs 2.5 lakhs.

Rs 9 lakhs as fees

However, there is a catch. Job applicants must first pay a ‘consultation fee’ of Rs 8 lakhs plus a registration fee of Rs 1 lakh. The agency also claimed that if they cannot find work for their clients, they would refund the registration fee of Rs 1 lakh. This will leave the innocent clients poorer by Rs 8 lakhs upon unsuccessful placement.

On June 5, 2017, Hillsgate said its representative sought details on how the firm operate. “Destiny Consultancy officials said that with regard to work permit, they planned to send people (to Australia) first as students and then their agents in Australia would prepare work permit for them,” the weekly reported.

The paper also said that this when quizzed about their Australian agents, Destiny Consultancy officials refused to divulge the details.

Not picking up calls now’

A lot of social media users on Facebook on reading Hillsgate report said that the claims of the firm “appears to be bogus”.
One of their clients from Lunglei by the name of Hlute Ralte is confused. “It’s four months now since they promised a Malaysian visa. Have i been cheated? How do i go forward as I’m in Lunglei and they are not picking up my calls,” he said on Facebook. The man also claimed that he already money for the service and he was promised a visa in three weeks. “It happened back in February,” he said.

As per the report, Destiny Consultancy is not a government registered consultancy firm. At the time of Hillsgate interview with the officials, the firm said they have acquired forms from the LE & IT and the Aizawl Municipal Council for registration.

Destiny Consultancy (J&J Employment Agency) owner Joseph Lalhluzuala Chinzah (Joseph Chinzah) claimed that the firm has sent many Mizo youths to Macau and Singapore. He also told the weekly that J & J Employment Agency already had LE & IT permit since 2011, but started its operations from 2014. The firm claimed that it successfully placed 1200 in Singapore and 120 in Macau.

Joseph Chinzah also told the paper that the firm has never had any major problems. “Those people having problems are due to their own actions and people going through our agency to go to foreign country are quite safe,” he told the weekly.

As per The Emigration Act, 1983 Chapter III, recruiting agencies/agents who are involved in sending people to work in foreign countries must register under the Protector of Emigrants. “We tried to register with the Protector of Emigrants but the officials told us to do it in Mizoram,” Joseph Chinzah was quoted as saying.

Reply from proprietor

In reply to Hillsgate report about the Emigration Act, Chinzah said in a post on Zoram Thlirtu – a Facebook group – questioned whether Mizoram Youth Commission which sent youths to Turkey for work and agencies that use NLUP money to send youths to Japan registered themselves. “Most Mizoram Placement agencies are not registered. Even the government which makes the law is not following it…it is meaningless,” he said in the post seen my Zoram Observer.

“All our clients go through the Indian Consulate as w cannot send people without their knowledge. So far, Indian Consulate officials have not questioned us whether the placement firms are registered under the Emigration Act…not even once,” he said adding, “if the government does not care why should there be any reasons for us to we give importance?”

He also said that even the Kolkatta Airport Immigration Department knew that those going to Singapore are going through his placement consultancy, “but we have never been subjected to the same question”. “If the Work Permit and security bond are cleared they are satisfied,” he claimed.

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