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Congress rebuts state BJP president remarks on Mizoram University VC issue


Congress rebuts state BJP president remarks on Mizoram University VC issue


Aizawl ( The ruling Congress on Tuesday came heavily on BJP Mizoram unit president Prof. JV Hluna over the latter’s allegation that Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla was responsible for the delay in the appointment of regular Vice Chancellor for the lone central university in Mizoram- Mizoram University (MZU) and asked him to apologize for leveling baseless allegation against the Chief Minister.

Terming the allegation as “baseless”, a statement issued by media department of Congress said that they were taken aback to hear such baseless allegation from a party president.

The statement said that the 12 shortlisted candidates for Vice Chancellor of MZU were informed to attend interaction meeting with the search committee on 23 April last year at India International Centre, New Delhi ready with one page (3 copies) about Mizoram University and a power point presentation about their vision for the university.  As per the existing rules, the search committee has to select three candidates out of 12 for recommendation by HRD ministry.

In fact, Prof. Tiwari, one of the candidates called by the search committee did not appeared for the interaction meeting and was interviewed through skype/video call without making a power point presentation or submitting his vision document. Later on, it was learnt that Tiwari has been selected among three top candidates by the search committee, while the candiates who were actually present before the search committee for interaction in compliance with the clear instruction given by the HRD ministry were dropped, the statement said.

“On finding that there was undue favourtism in the process, Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla then sent letter to both President Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2016 blaming the decision or action of search committee,” the statement said.

The statement further said that the Chief Minister in his letter informed the President and Prime Minister about the exercise of undue favour towards a candidate (Tiwari) and said that the whole process has lost its legitimacy.

“I view this seriously and is below my expectation. Such humiliation will never be accepted by the people of Mizoram as it degrades the office of the Vice Chancellor itself and the sanctity of the varsity,” the statement quoted Lal Thanhawla as saying in his letter to the President and Prime Minister.

Students picketing PUC to prevent students, teachers and non-teaching staffs from entering the college on Monday (11 Sept, 2017).

The Chief Minister in his letter also appealed the two top leaders to make things right by either calling for more recommendation or to give directions for creation of a fresh search team.

Earlier on Monday, BJP Mizoram unit president Prof. JV Hluna accused Chief Minister Lal Thanahwla of being responsible for delay in the appointment of Vice Chancellor.

In his interview with media, Hluna alleged that when a search committee proposed and selected three candidates for HRD ministry approval, Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla intervened so as a candidate of his choice could be appointed. “This is the reason for delay in the appointment of regular VC,” Hluna alleged and held the Chief Minister responsible for the fiasco.

Reacting to the allegation, ruling Congress said that the Chief Minister had never proposed or mentioned a candidate of his choice but only raising complaint against the exercise of undue favour towards a candidate.

The ruling Congress further asked the BJP president to apologize for his baseless allegation and also to reveal the truth.


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