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Pherzawl District’s ‘Curious case of Missing Persons’ Drama Ends; More Questions Than Answers


Pherzawl District’s ‘Curious case of Missing Persons’ Drama Ends; More Questions Than Answers

Saikot ( The curious case of two missing persons from Pherzawl District ended on a happy note after Alan Zohminglien alias Zobakkir and Lalsansuok were reunited with their family members late last night.

According to Hmar Young Association Information Secretary Lalramsiem Joute, the two men were received in “well and sound state” at Santing village on Sunday at about 6 pm by leaders of the Hmar Youth Association and Zomi Youth Association.

“We appreciate the leadership shown by HYA GHQ president Laldawnlien Varte and efforts of all members besides the efforts of other organisations in this case,” he added, while detailing only the climax part of the mysterious and “sensitive case” that forced officials of both the security forces and the civil society to remain “tight-lipped” for days.

The missing persons and leaders of HYA and ZYA at Santing village on June 25, 2017.

The missing persons Lalsansuok (2nd left standing) and Zova (4th from left standing) and leaders of HYA and ZYA at Santing village on June 25, 2017.

The climax

“On Saturday morning Zova’s wife received a phone call stating that her husband will be home by Monday evening. She was also told that she will be able to speak with Zova in the evening (Saturday). This was immediately intimidated to HYA leaders and the caller kept the promise and they called up. To pursue the matter,
Upa Laldawnlien Varte (Gen Prez HYA GHQ), Samson (Prez HYA Rengkai), Mawite (Rengkai), Lianzalal (Prez ZYA GHQ), Domuan (Gen Secy ZYA GHQ), TK Lian (Treasurer ZYA GHQ), Kaikhawm (Vice Prez ZYA), Tunlianlal (ZYA Secy Info), Lalneikung (Chairman, Tipaimukh Road Transport Co-op Society), John L Fimate (Secy TRTCS), Lalthasang (Treasurer TRTCS) along with Pi Lalam w/o Zova, Ruoti Zova (Zova’s granddaughter) and Nghaka travelled to Santing to receive Zova (and his friend),” the statement said.

The HYA statement said that when Zova and his friend arrived at Santing, a thanksgiving prayer was offered by Upa Laldawnlien Varte at the house of Santing YMA section president and also at the village chief’s house.  The Santing unit of Young Mizo Association also presented gift items to Zova and his friend.

“The Evangelical Synod Church also organised a prayer and thanksgiving programme outside the chief’s house. The HYA thanked the people of Santing for all their service in this case,” the HYA statement said, adding that an update would be made, if necessary.

More Questions than Answers

The drama ended on a happy note, but it raises more questions like: where were the two men all these 5 days, were the two led astray by lasi nunghak (legendary beautiful women said to be seen in Kailam range during ancient times) or on a more serious note: were the two men kidnapped for ransom by some people or outfits?

Some social analysts, requesting not to be named, said the public may never get to know what really happened in the “on going police case” unless the two men or officials involved in the “search” operations decide to tell the truth.

Read earlier and timeline here: Missing Persons Case Timeline


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