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Landslide cuts off 8 Manipur villages in Pherzawl District for 5 days now


Landslide cuts off 8 Manipur villages in Pherzawl District for 5 days now

Damdiei/Parbung (  At least eight villages in Pherzawl District have been totally cut off from rest of the state after a massive landslide five days ago.

Sources told that supply of essential commodities are running short and the people in these villages may need immediate relief measures if the road service is not restored in another two to three days.

On June 25 night, National Highway 2 (formerly NH 150), which have been left unattended for years, was hit by a major landslip between Damdiei and Taithu villages.

People navigate the landslide area between Damdiei and Taithu village section on Tipaimukh Road in Manipur.

“On the night of June 25,  around 11:40 pm, due to heavy rain, a massive landslide destroyed the road between Damdiei and Taithu and at least 8 villages under Parbung SDO remained totally cutoff from other parts of the state. We need immediate assistance from the government to clear the road as volunteers alone cannot repair it due to the large scale nature of the destruction,” Hmar Youth Association Hmarram Joint HQ secretary Mr. Lalruotlien told Hmasawnna Thar daily.

So far, there is no word or statement from the state officials concerned as and when the road would be cleared.

TOTALLY BLOCKED: Another view of the landslide between Damdiei and Taithu.

“Still very dangerous”

On June 29 morning, also verified that the Tipaimukh road between Damdiei and Parbung was still “very dangerous” for the general public to even think of undertaking repair and clearing up operations.

“The landslide is too big and impossible for civil volunteers to clear the road with spades and shovels alone. Only heavy machinery like JCB will be able to do it,” L. Sungte told over the phone from Damdiei village.

Another landslide

Another landslide on June 27 also destroyed the road between Damdiei and Pherzawl. “The volunteers of HYA  somehow managed to clear the road on this section. We appeal to the government to send in officials to restore road connectivity as this is the only lifeline to Churachandpur from where we carry all our essential commodities,” he added.

The landslide between Damdiei and Pherzawl section in Manipur.

Village volunteers trying to clear the road between Damdiei and Pherzawl section in Manipur.

National Highway 2 (aka Tipaimukh Road) from Bukpi to Ruonglevaisuo (Tipaimukh) has not been metalled or black-topped in over 20 years – a recipe for numerous landslides.

Pherzawl Express bus service interrupted by landslide

Three days back, on June 26, the maiden journey of Imphal-Pherzawl Express was cut short by massive landslide between Bukpi and Pherzawl. The bus had to return to Imphal without reaching Pherzawl District headquarters.

“I think it is time for the local MLA, District-Incharge Minister and District officials to do do something about this section of the road. The people have suffered a lot for years due to the bad roads,” Mr. Sungte added.


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