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ICDS officer of Churachandpur transforms office with her money


ICDS officer of Churachandpur transforms office with her money

Churachandpur ( A wind of change is blowing here in the office of the Churachandpur unit of the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS).  The new officer has put in money from her own pocket to give the dilapidated ICDS Office a new look while stressing on ethical work culture for government employees.

On Tuesday (June 20), the newly posted Child Development Project Officer (CDPO) Mrs Helen Lallienmawi formally took charge as the ICDS Officer at Chiengkonpang on Tipaimukh Road. Mrs Helen has been in the service for 23 years across several parts of Manipur and her posting here has been a welcome change not just from the official point of view but for the general public.

icds office churachandpur -officer office

“Earlier, the office used to be a namesake ICDS centre and few staff attend to works as and when they liked. But, even before Mrs Helen formally took charge things changed for the better – the office got a new and refreshing look now and staff are reporting back to work,” a concerned citizen who attended the formal opening of the office told

Renovation work

Mrs. Helen got her transfer order on June 1, 2017 and she gave a joining reported on June 5. However, her office which had not been utilised in a long time, was in a really bad shape. In addition, the main office was no better. She felt a renovation was required.

Instead of saying ‘let’s wait for the government’s hand’, together with her family members, she immediately got down to work. For over two weeks, she along with her family members renovated the ICDS office – paint the walls, tidy up the cupboards, clean the webs and floors, lay a new carpet besides doing other necessary things.

Sources said that Mrs Helen’s predecessor used to stay in the state capital Imphal and was “not really concerned” about attending the office and what happens here. In the officer’s absence, the office was reduced to a dingy dirty room with dust and spider webs everywhere – not really a welcome signs for a child health centre.

Work culture to change

“We will also be having proper attendance records and every staff will have to sign the register on a daily basis,” Mrs. Helen said during the formal joining ritual.

icds office churachandpur-main

With this transformation, the ICDS Office in Churachandpur has become one of the best maintained offices in the district. Thanks to the efforts of Mrs Helen. Humbled by the appreciation from fellow citizens, she has not revealed exactly how much money she put in to the renovation works. However, looking at the transformation works she has done, it will run into thousands of rupees.

“The common problem with most government offices in Churachandpur is that many officials have the impression that it is below their dignity to do ensure cleanliness in their work places. So, minor repair works or renovation of their work space is out of question. As such, many offices are in dilapidated state. I hope others will follow the footsteps of Mrs Helen in this direction – lead by example. We need tidy and well-maintained offices that’s welcoming for the public to visit,” said T. Zote, a social activist.


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