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Hmar Writers Club honours ‘Sudden Muanga’ creator (L)Lalsangzuala posthumously


Hmar Writers Club honours ‘Sudden Muanga’ creator (L)Lalsangzuala posthumously

Rengkai: The Hmar Writers’ Club on May 31, 2017, honoured the creator of popular comic character ‘Sudden Muanga’, (L) Associate Professor Lalsangzuala Varte.

Pu. Lalsangzuala Varte passed away on June 12, 2016 due to a heart attack at Sky Hospital in Imphal. Born on January 13, 1951 at Thakthing village in Mizoram, he was one of the first lecturers to join Lamka College and was Associate Professor in the Department of Mizo.

The members visited (L) Pu Lalsangzuala’s home and presented a felicitation certificate to his wife Pi Laldinsangi.

Pu L. Kiemlo hands over the certificate to Pi Laldinsangi in Churachandpur, Manipur on May 31, 2017.

The ‘Chawmawina Certificate’ reads: “Zoram khawvela milimbu (comics) inlar tak ‘Sudden Muanga’ ziektu, thu le hlaa Zoram khawvel runtu, mi bik, literature sukhmasawntu le sukphuisuitu hi Hmar Writers’ Club, Headquarters chunchawimawina dawng tlakah a ngei leiin ‘Chawimawina Certificate’ hi (a fam hnung) vawisun May 31, 2017, hin ngaina takin an hlan.”

The certificate was signed by Associate Profession Pu L Kiemlo Pulamte (President, HWC) and Pu Joseph Joute (Secretary, HWC).

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