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Body of Lalruotmawi found on 6th day

Volunteers who retrieved the mortal remains of Pi Lalruotmawi being felicitated with a Hmar Thangsuopuon at Khawlien village in Mizoram on June 4, 2017.


Body of Lalruotmawi found on 6th day

Pherzawl: The body of Pi Lalruotmawi of Manipur’s Parvachawm village was found at around 9.30 am this morning by volunteers from Mizoram’s Khawlien village.

Our sources told Zoram Observer that the volunteers found the mortal remains of the woman between Khawlien and Khawdungsei villages, around 3 km downstream from where she was swept away by strong river currents of Tuivai on May 29 evening.

Volunteers prepare a form of ‘net’ from bamboo and wood during the search operation.

The tribal volunteers from Manipur and Mizoram have been camping along the river banks since May 30 without giving up hope. The last day of the search operation was to be tomorrow – the 7th day when as per Hmar tribal tradition, last rites would be held for a missing person.

“We finally found the body of Lalruotmawi on a Sunday morning between Khawlien and Khawdungsei,” a SMS message sent to Zoram Observer said.

Confirming the report, Chief of Parvachawm village Tongkhawlun issued a statement profusely thanking all the volunteers and also the Young Mizo Association volunteers and Village Council members of Khawlien, Daido, Tlangnuam, Phuoibuong, Ngopa, NE Khawdungsei, Chiepui, Suongpuilawn and Vanbawng.

Volunteers of Hmar Youth Association, on Manipur side, also took active part in the inter-village joint search operation. The association leaders based in Imphal and Churachandpur have been keeping track of the situation. On Saturday, Manipur Chief Minister Pu N. Biren Singh was notified via Twitter by Zoram Observer and he immediately responded saying he was sending the DC and officials to help. However, the volunteers found the body of Lalruotmawi before the district officials could leave for the remote region of the state.

Meanwhile, local MLA Pu Dr. Chaltonlien Amo said on Sunday morning that he has been doing everything he can since he got the news. “I already send a assistance both in terms of money and other required materials. I also made efforts to get government compensation for kin of Pi Lalruotmawi,” Pu Amo told Zoram Observer, rubbishing claims made by his “detractors” that he was “doing nothing” to help the volunteers.

Pu Amo’s contribution has been verified by Parvachawm’s chief statement.  “Local MLA Pu Dr. Chaltonlien Amo contributed Rs 8000 to be utilised by volunteers. In addition, he sent Pu L. Thanzam Pulamte and Pu Lalhmangpui Fimate, MDC, to assist the volunteers as he himself was not well,” the chief wrote. In addition, local Senvon MDC Pu Lalditsang donated Rs 5000, while former RIMS director Pu L. Fimate put in Rs 5000.

Many others including Mizoram based NGOs and Chalfil MLA Pu Ngurdingliana donated money and food items for the volunteers. Rimawi English School officials also helped us a lot, the village chief said. In fact the body of Lalruotmawi was found by volunteers from Mizoram’s Khawlien village.


The body of Pi Lalruotmawi will now be taken from Khawlien and passed on to different villages as per tribal traditions. “Her body is expected to reach Parvachawm village at around 4 pm today,” a village elder said.

Communication system in this remote area is still one of the worsts in the country and we are still waiting for further details.


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