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Vanlalmihriata: This teacher is using rap songs to teach mathematics and science

Pu Vanlalmihriata teaching his students at the Einstein High School in Tahan, Myanmar. Photo: A screenshot from LPS Vision


Vanlalmihriata: This teacher is using rap songs to teach mathematics and science Pu Vanlalmihriata, the principal of Einstein High School in Myanmar’s Tahan town, is using his unique gift to teach mathematical and chemical formulae to his students.

What makes him so different – it is his rap songs on mathematics and science. By composing songs based on the subjects, Pu Vanlalmihriata said he has been able to make these subjects more interesting and more memorable to the young minds.

“This is a gift from God,” Pu Vanlalmihriata told Mizoram-based cable channel LPS in an interview.

As a principal, Pu Vanlalmihriata is still involved in teaching in an effort to boost the teaching methods of his staff.

Having worked in the education industry for over 20 years, Pu Vanlalmihriata said he has developed his own teaching methods and his former students, some of whom are now educators, can still remember the “important songs” even today.

Pu Vanlalmihriata once upon a time used to work in Mizoram as a government teacher and now his school in Tahan township of Myanmar is producing good results year after year, according to the news report.

“The Einstein High School has almost 600, about 580 students,” Pu Vanlalmihriata said.

The Einstein High School is located at Tahan Group-B, Kalewa, Myanmar.


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