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Stephanie J: Entrepreneur Turned Author Overnight


Stephanie J: Entrepreneur Turned Author Overnight

“BLAQlisted” is a book written by Stephanie J that has been gaining a lot of momentum in the reading community, selling over 200 copies just in the space of a few hours marking yet another milestone in women achieving what had been rightfully theirs all along.”
– Stephanie J has recently released, and sold almost 200 copies of a book called “BLAQlisted” in just a few hours, which she has solely authored herself. “ Listen, i wrote this as therapy, i am not a writer at all! I had a thought, i put the pen to the paper and this book was born. If i can do it, you can too.” Wildly erotic and forcing you to go from one page to the next, the book is making it’s way around, including in largely popular book chain Barnes & Noble.

“I’m overwhelmed with gratitude, not to mention shock. I’m very happy and humbled at the

Stephanie J has already established herself as highly valued entrepreneur, and marketing expert, founding and running three different organizations as of this moment. Entering into the business world at just 19 years of age and helping out small businesses to reach their maximum potential, as a sought after business woman, she is often referred to as “The Olivia Pope of Branding”, as newcomers and established businesses as well, come to her to “fix” their businesses. She has also worked with several notable brands including Universal Music Group, Def Jam, VH1, Toys R Us, Johnson & Johnson Sony etc.

Her innate creativity and accomplishments are a living example of the level of independence and success women can achieve in this highly competitive market scenario. She does play a part in giving back to the people too; with the help of her new project, Digital Coaching Program, “The Level Up”. Her beliefs about what women should be aware of encompasses an innate understanding of business practices, as well as the general world at large.

Stephanie J has broken free of the gender barrier, operating herself in such industries, which are said to encompass predominantly male audience. Additionally, she has a mindset of her own, never believing in traditional norms of a patriarchal society.

“I never believe in a traditional 9-5, my creativity would never allow it.”

Stephanie J is a highly accomplished publicist, entrepreneur, celebrity, and now a published author. Her book, “BLAQlisted”, has already acquired a great deal of attention from the public due to its bold thematic statements, as well as engaging story. Stephanie is the owner of She Brands Inc., The Biz Plan Shop and SJ Media Group. It is quite evident that she has already established herself as an accomplished business personality at present. Her insights into the topic of social standing of women is quite factual and accurate across the board.

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Name: Stephanie J
Book: BLAQlisted

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