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OkSports & Life Coach Tavaita Ruth Reveals 10 Performance Tips for Athletes


OkSports & Life Coach Tavaita Ruth Reveals 10 Performance Tips for Athletes

Champion athlete and coach Tavaita Ruth continues to build a positive relationship and deliver value to her followers on a daily basis across social media. Some of this has been delivered in eye-opening articles. Her latest aimed at athletic performance is winning praise left and right.

Champion athlete, passionate coach, and devout Christian Tavaita Ruth has made it her mission to help her athletes perform at their best. Much-of-this valuable information she has shared out of love for free on social media. The latest is a new article in FB post giving proven advice on how athletes can step up their game – no matter what it may be. The article is titled, “10 THINGS (FOR ATHLETES) TO DO IN ORDER FOR YOU TO MOVE UP)” and has been met with enthusiasm and appreciation.

“We have our ups and downs as athletes and I know this about as well as anyone,” commented the always smiling and positive Ruth. “I want people to know that we can take some actions ourselves that will help, but on top of that even in the midst of the storms, God will carry them. In front of the haters he will feed them.”

Ruth is an accomplished athlete in many sports herself, excelling as a field thrower, basketball player, and powerlifter in addition to her love for coaching others.

Her Facebook and Instagram presence has been an inspiration for thousands and both continue to grow every day, both in size and in energy and excitement.

This has caused her fans to not be shy about voicing their support for her work.

Christine S., from Boston, recently said, “Tavaita’s thoughts and suggestions have helped me boost my performance and set some new personal records in CrossFit a sport and hobby I love. She’s so full of wisdom and great energy I try to never miss her posts.”

For more information be sure to visit and read her latest article here at

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