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New Book Release: Missiological Approach to the Meitei


New Book Release: Missiological Approach to the Meitei

Former principal of Trinity College and Seminary Rev. Dr. Jacob Pudaite’s new book titled “Missiological Approach to the Meitei” was released in the last week of June.

“This book provides information on the rich cultural heritage of the Meitei people and a point of contact in the sharing of the gospel. It also solves the long-debated issue of the Hmar churches relating to the day of the coming of the gospel in the Southern part of Manipur,” writes Lalhuolhim Tusing, a lecturer at the Trinity College and Seminary.

Missiological Approach to the Meitei

It also sheds light on new important documents, for instance, a prayer letter of pioneer missionary Watkin R. Roberts written in 1920 mentioning about his first trip to Senvawn.

An extract of the page which features the letter written by Watkin R. Roberts

Brief Summary of the book by Lalhuolhim Tusing:

Chapter 1 deals with the growth of Missions ang Churches in southern and northern Manipur. The pioneer missionaries of both are mentioned.

Chapter 2 is survey of the cultural, tradition and religious background of the Meiteis. Not many hilly tribes fully understand the background of the Meitei, therefore it is a stumbling block for us to reach the unreached Meitei. Christianity came first to the hill tribes and we all have the burden of fulfilling the great commission of Jesus Christ.

Chapter 3 deals the needs of equipping qualified missionaries to the Meitei. And chapter four gives some ideas about preparing a curriculum so that we may have an effective ministry to our dear friends in Manipur.

It is worth reading this book. You will get new insights, to observe and to reflect on God’s amazing works.

Grab the book at Rs. 150/- copy from these places:

1. Deritus Book Room, Sielmat Christian Hospital, Sielmat
2. Trinity College and Seminary, Sielmat


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