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L Keivom’s latest book released on 78 birthday


L Keivom’s latest book released on 78 birthday

New Delhi ( Here’s a new book from L Keivom – one of the most respected writers in Zoram world.

Keivom’s latest book Ka Tukvera Inthokin (Pathien thu thlirna) was released in New Delhi on July 15 to coincide with his 78th birthday celebrations.

Sinlung Academy of Letters (SAL), which published the book, said in a statement that this is the “author’s 30th book.”

The latest book from L Keivom

The book was released and dedicated to the Almighty by Pastor Lalsiesang.

There are 40 articles in the 310-page book covering every aspects of Keivom’s views on Christianity.

Keivom is the recipient of 1991 Mizo Academy of Letters for his book Zoram Khawvel.

Books and publications

Some publications in Duhlian/Mizo:

  1. Zoram Khawvel 1–8
  2. Bawktlang Thawnthu
  3. Thuthlung Ram
  4. Pherzawl Titi
  5. L.KeivomThukhawchang 1–2.
  6. Thuthlung Ram
  7. Impressions on Keivom (2011)

Some publications in Hmar/Mizo

  1. Thralai Hlabu (1963)
  2. Hmar Hla Suina (1980)
  3. Zangkhaw Bungbu (2000)
  4. Nun Ram, Ka Nun (2001)
  5. Gospel of John and Letters of John 1–3 (2002)
  6. New Testament, Psalm and Proverbs (2004)
  7. Book of Genesis (2006)
  8. Baibul (Hmar)-Holy Bible, Delhi Version (2007)
  9. Hebrew (2014)


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