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Housing Authorities save money with HUD Compliant Videos


Housing Authorities save money with HUD Compliant Videos

Housing Authorities delivering the “Orientation” video to all your move-ins assures a consistent message, which also would assist in a possible defense of a Fair Housing complaint.

This guarantees you are “saying” the same thing to each and every tenant.

The HUD compliant video includes the following information: Bedbugs, Housekeeping, Clutter Free, Non-Smoking, Fire Safety tips, Fair Housing, Reasonable Accommodations, Schedule of Rent Charges, Sex Offenders, EIV, VAWA, Pet Policy, Lead Based Paint, Radon, Notice to Vacate, Community Service Requirements, HUD Form #92006 Contact Information, HUD Form #52675 Debts Owed to PHA’s. You can pick and choose the items you want to include. Cost $500.00

If a resident does not pass a housekeeping inspection, we have them watch the housekeeping video again. This has brought our housekeeping failures way down. They know what is expected.

THERE ARE TOO MANY RULES AND POLICIES TO JUST READ OFF TO THEM. THEY NEED TO BE ABLE TO RELATE THE RULES AND POLICIES WITH PICTURES. Voice over helps people with visual impairments have access. These videos are packed with information. Everyone gets the same message. Housekeeping Videos are only $99.00 and they come with your Agencies Name on them.

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