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Empowr introduces new feature for its users


Empowr introduces new feature for its users

The Internet is full of potential and entrepreneurs are making it better for daily users every day. There are so many websites – from social media to ecommerce to news magazines to give people connectivity, buy and sell items and also get the latest information. In the last 5 years, many things happened in the IOT world – Social media sites like Facebook and other photo sharing media grew exponentially and these companies make huge profits from ads that are displayed on their users’ interface. However, these sites do not generate money for the user.

Today, we will look at a different approach taken by one social media platform called EMPOWR Network. This website claims that its aim is to “help half the planet (that’s about 4 billion) earn an average of $25/day by the year 2025”. How does that sound?

The experiment to democratise social media by the creators of this platform is quite interesting. According to the company statement, “Empowr is the world’s first democratic social economy which makes money through transaction fees between the marketplace, advertising, and subscription services”.

Still confused? Take a look at this video which provides step by step model of the business model – not just for the platform owners but for ordinary users.

Empowr users make make money by posting their content, selling and promotion of their products and services in the marketplace. They can also make money by teaching other empowr users on how to be successful.

The empowr platform, according to the people behind this project, stems from the work of around 1,000 engineering and product professionals. Recently, the platform was upgraded and new features like Daily Goals were incorporated.

“A few weeks ago, we had an open discussion where we asked our users’ feedback on how we could make it easier for them to hit their Daily Goals… which would enable them to spend more of their profits in the marketplace and earn even larger AMCOs,” the company said in a blog post.

Some of these major updates according to Empowr are: –

-Rolling actions forward: By visiting the Daily Goals history, users will get a new status: “Rolled over from yesterday”. This means that members of the platform who post, share, bid and list products will get their activities registered in the Daily Goal even when incomplete. The activities will roll forward and when a member signs in next day, he or she will still get 100% credit for those activities. Of course, you will still have to complete the remaining activities.

– Bonus actions will roll forward: After users hit their Daily Goal, they will get bonus actions that to perform if they choose to.
– Hit next day’s Daily Goal today: After members achieve their Daily Goal for the day, if they actually do enough bonus actions, they will be automatically have those rolled over to the next day in order to ensure that the Daily Goal is automatically hit the next day.
– Product sales counted towards Daily Goals: Hitting the Daily Goal every day requires that you list a product for sale.

Here’s how it works:-

On any days where you hit all of your goals (bidding, sharing, posting), but don’t hit your listing goal, the system will automatically hit your listing goal for you each time that you have three (3) product sales of $5 or more that are completed during the month.

In other words, on any day, if you accomplish all your action goals…
… but for any reason do not accomplish your product listing goal…
… regardless of whether your product listing was rejected by the moderators — or you simply didn’t list anything on that day…
… but you have three (3) product sales worth $5 or more that completed during the month:
Those sales can be substituted for the missing product listing goal.

As soon as users accumulate 3 sales, the system will get busy looking for prior days — ANY prior day during that same month — where user hit all your action goals except for the product listing goal and will use those 3 sales as a substitute for the missed product listing ensuring that you get credit for hitting your Daily Goal for that day.

Just remember that, to keep it fair for everyone, only product sales with a final sales price of $5 or more will count.

For more details you can check out empowr website.

Disclaimer: This is a featured content. Please do research before investing your time.

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