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Electronic Cigarettes: Students and the Vaping Life


Electronic Cigarettes: Students and the Vaping Life

Adult life can be a never ending stressful affair, but students experience just as much due to varying levels of study workloads. High school students and those in college need to juggle an academic life with having a life outside of school. The hectic nature of life leads them to seek avenues where they can just relax.

Some students turn to the internet while others seek the outdoors. There are those who love to go on a walk while there are also those who enjoy the pleasures of cinema. And then there are a group of students who prefer smoking an e-cigarette for relaxation. They engage in vaping, the act of inhaling water vapor. 

There are different attitudes towards teens who vape. A study carried out by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2015 shows that there is a rise in youngsters taking to electronic cigarettes. More than one third of high school students have admitted to trying an e-cig. There was concern then about how vaping would affect a developing brain, but there was a calmer attitude in the UK where electronic cigarettes were deemed influential in getting a person to quit smoking.

Recently, however, the FDA seems to have changed its mind about vaping. After a decision was passed to regulate e-cigarettes similarly to tobacco-based products, the FDA is now moving to keep a closer watch on nicotine addiction.

It’s not a secret that many turn to smoking to relieve stress and relax, including students. And there is evidence why opting for vapes instead of regular tobacco might be a healthier move:

  • The liquid in e-cigs is perfectly fine to inhale. The liquid found in e-cigarettes has a vegetable glycerin base, which is responsible for producing vapor. Another ingredient is propylene glycol, which has been wrongly accused of being harmful – it was confused with diethylene glycol – but is actually the main ingredient found in inhalers and is responsible for carrying flavor. Flavorings, which can be of a variety including bubblegum, also make up the liquid. Lastly, pharmaceutical-grade nicotine is part of the e-cig juice but the amount in a stick differs across makers, from as little as 36 milligrams per milliliter to none at all.
  • The nicotine level in many vaporizers can be minimal to non-existent. It’s true that those who recently switch to e-cigs favor sticks with a rather high level of nicotine. But they don’t need as much when they finally get on to sticks that produce quite a lot of vapor. Many have also found that nicotine messes with the flavor of the liquid, which can be a variety of things such as blueberry or bubblegum.
  • The vapor is less harmful than cigarette smoke. A number of studies have deemed e-cig smoke safer than tobacco. Although toxicants were still present in electronic cigarettes, the level is way lower than analog sticks.

Smoking an electronic cigarette offers students who want to quit smoking a way out. It has also been proven by many studies to be actually helpful and less harmful. In many ways, it offers the fun of puffing away but without the harmful side effects. There are many popular brands to choose from like Eonsmoke, Blu, logic, JUUL and many more.

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