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Beware of coat hooks in toilet or dressing rooms. Here’s why


Beware of coat hooks in toilet or dressing rooms. Here’s why

Coat hooks have become smart and they are being misused by people with dirty minds.

While most of us are unaware that video camera can be installed secretly into hooks which are common in women’s public toilets and also in changing rooms of apparel stores.

Most of the time people don’t give a second look at the hooks which are usually installed on the back of doors.

Now, watch this and you will understand how easy it is to secretly spy on unsuspecting victims.

Last year police in the US state of Florida said that they discovered devises similar to this gadget in public restrooms and dressing rooms. The ‘spy hooks’ fitted with cameras are easily available at cheap prices on eBay, Amazon, AliExpress and ShopClues. So, beware and be alert when you use public restrooms. Always check for devices that could have miniature cameras inside.


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