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Aizawl woman’s ‘So Angry’ Facebook post against SBI poor service goes viral


Aizawl woman’s ‘So Angry’ Facebook post against SBI poor service goes viral

Aizawl ( A social media post by Lalremsangi Fanai of Aizawl against the “poor customer service” provided by Kulikawn Branch of the State Bank of India (SBI) has gone viral on social media. The social media post titled “I’m so angry” has triggered a wave of comments about the largest public sector bank in India.

In a Facebook post yesterday, Lalremsangi, a businesswoman, expressed her anger at being directed from one counter to another to make a cash deposit. Her post has been shared in as many as a dozen Facebook groups.

“On Monday (July 9, 2017), I went to deposit money at the Kulikawn branch of SBI. The branch has three counters. I was told to go to the corner-most counter (where she deposited). Again today (July 12), I went to deposit money again. I inquired from the middle counter saying ‘Should I make the deposit at the corner-most counter again?’. Without even looking up, the bank official who was playing games replied to me with disdain: ‘Who told you to deposit there? It’s here! It’s here!’. After that he still directed me to make the deposit at the corner-most counter!,”Lalremsangi wrote in her post (See below).

A photo of SBI Kulikawn branch shared by Lalremsangi on Facebook.

Later, Lalremsangi said she met the manager who told her to “tolerate” the person in the counter booth. “I air my grievances to the manager who politely tried to calm me down saying ‘Official is to retire soon, please understand. We will tell the official (about customer care service)'”. Lalremsangi did not mention whether the official was a man or a woman.

Some social media reactions

Reacting to Lalremsangi’s post, Zoa Tlau said: “It is important that SBI and other banks should know that they are working for the people. They are getting salary from customers like us and they should realise that they are in the service business.”

Some others also highlighted the “pathetic” and “callous” behavior of SBI officials. “It’s difficult to do business with Mission Veng Branch (of SBI),” Msa Jongte said.

Another person suggested teaching a lesson to SBI. “SBI staff don’t know how to perform their jobs in civilised manner…I think it’s time we do more business with private banks” Muantea Mathipi said.

Some people, however defended services at other branches.

“The (SBI) Zarkawt branch people are very smart,” Lal Ngaihawmalpt wrote. 

The general feeling among those who read and liked the posts was that majority of SBI staff in Mizoram lacked are “proud” mainly because they do “not have customer case sense”.


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