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Wonder Woman actress got paltry $300,000 while Superman Cavill was given $14 million


Wonder Woman actress got paltry $300,000 while Superman Cavill was given $14 million

Hollywood may claim that it is gender sensitive when it comes to other sectors. It often point fingers at other corporate sectors “for not doing enough”. However, recent revelations show that Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot was given a base salary of just 300,000 for the movie.

This is in stark contrast to Superman’s Henry Cavill’s base salary of $14 million for the flop movie Man of Steel.

Gadot’s fans are furious when they came to know about the pay gap and slammed Hollywood for “not doing what they preached”.

Wonder Woman is a big success and as of today it is making over $570 million – that’s just three weeks after the worldwide release.

Wonder Woman: Victim of pay gap in Hollywood?

Cavill’s $14 million pay include bonuses from proceeds of the film.  Meanwhile, the Israeli actress’ bonus is still not known. She could still end up at least five times of her base salary of $300,000, according to film insiders.

Gadot is a former Miss Israel winner and yes, she was in the Israeli Army before taking up acting. So far, she has three films with DC – Batman vs Superman, Wonder Woman and Justice League. All at a base salary of $300,000.

Gadot is reported to seek a renegotiation deal as she is poised to reprise her role as Wonder Woman in a sequel.


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