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How women watch adult related movies revealed


How women watch adult related movies revealed

Don’t be shocked! Women do what men do, sometimes way better in many fields. A recent study on women behavior may be shocking to some, but the truth is that some women love watching adult themed videos as much as their men counterpart.

As per the survey results released by a major website, about a quarter of their viewers are women! The survey claims that as many as 24,0000 women took part in the study and over the course of this period, some of them shared “interesting facts” about women behaviour.

Who watches blue movies:

  • Their audience make up of 76% millennials
  • 57% viewers considered themselves as heterosexual
  • 32% identify themselves as bisexual
  • Half their viewers are single, 27% are still dating and 20% are already married.

This is how women do it:

  • 18% of women watches adult themed videos on a daily basis
  • 9% of women do it more than once
  • 63% of women watch it once a week
  • 28% said they took off all their garments before watching a video
  • 9 out of 10 women prefer to watch it alone without their partner’s knowledge
  • Women are most likely to look at the categories “lesbian-n,” “romantic” and “group”
  • Women are more likely to watch lesbian vids than men are
  • Just over half of women have imagined themselves starring in a blue video

Study conducted by You-Porn

Recent students conducted by reputed bodies like the American Psychological Association stated that pornography “is a loaded subject”. Their studies looked into both the opponents who argue that it can ruin marriages, lead to sexual addiction or other unhealthy behaviors, and encourage sexual aggression; and also at proponents’ claim that “erotica can enhance sex lives, provide a safe recreational outlet and perhaps even reduce the incidence of sexual assault”. The study also reported that after pornography was legalised for the first time in Denmark in 1969, researchers reported a “corresponding decline in sexual aggression.”

According to Gert Martin Hald, PhD, and colleagues in The APA Handbook of Sexuality and Psychology, they said: “Whether or not you think it’s moral, the fact is, people like porn. Various international studies have put porn consumption rates at 50% to 99% among men, and 30% to 86% among women.

And on the growth of viewership, the internet has been a boon, according to many experts.  Researcher Alvin Cooper, PhD, once famously said: The accessibility, affordability and anonymity provided by the Web (Internet) have put adult content right at our fingertips.”

And in 2002, survey by the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction at the Indiana University, said 86% of respondents said “porn can educate people”, and 72% said it “provides a harmless outlet for fantasies”.

So, when does porn becomes an addiction that is bad?

Addiction is bad. This is what most studies said. “There are a lot of people out there using a lot of porn who have no problems with it whatsoever,” according to Erick Janssen, PhD, a senior scientist at the well-known Kinsey Institute. “So when does it become an addiction?”

That, of course, is a key question for researchers trying to understand blue movie’s dark side.

Researchers said, the best way to deal with is by “understanding what drives the behavior.” It is necessary for people who can’t control the urge to immediately seek treatment before it can be harmful not just for them, but for others as well.

While science and studies are far from finding a perfect solution, majority of such programmes are convinced that blue movies can be addictive just like alcohol. Whether we like it or not, pornographic videos are creeping into tribal societies fast due to  the advent of mobile internet. Question is: Are we ready to deal with porn addiction in a scientific manner?


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