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‘Tlangval Vannei’ Trolled on Social Network

Tlangval vannei chanchin ka han hrilh chu, a nuih a za nasa.. U Zii-a. Courtesy: Facebook/U Effie Lalremsiami


‘Tlangval Vannei’ Trolled on Social Network

Zoram world is buzzing with keywords like “tlangval vannei” (the anonymous ‘lucky youth’) and “hmeichhe pathum” (three women) these days. The latest round of sex scandals including “upa bial fang” have become much more glaring as compared to earlier episodes, mainly because of social media like Facebook and messaging app like WhatsApp.

While every Tom, Dick, and Harry wants to say something about ‘tlangval vannei’, the issue of sex videos in Mizoram has clearly achieved epic proportions and it can no longer be ignored.

Here are the notable quotes – both outright funny and some serious ones – from social media users.

1. The very popular Sport website pitched in with this observation:

2. This guy wants the full version: 

3. This one is just broke the record. Hard to beat!

4. Zo-Troll brings in the Kim-K factor:

5 . By donating blood you will be called ‘tlangval vannei’:

6. Just watching:

7. Ladies friends:

8. Having good friends is a sign of ‘tlangval vannei’:

9. A not so happy ending:

10. Yeh dil mange more:

11. A girl can have fun as well:

12. More serious note:

13. Wanting to meet, you know who:

14. Mistaken identity:

15. Jail:

16. Frank!

17. These guys have produced their own version of “tlangval vannei”: Part 3

18. Part 2:

19. And Part 1:

20.  This is the alpha and omega…so and so.


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