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Poonam Pandey Says Sorry For Sexy Photos To Her Mother


Poonam Pandey Says Sorry For Sexy Photos To Her Mother

India’s Kim Kardashian Ms Poonam Pandey has apologized to her mother on Mother’s Day yesterday for all her revealing photos.

“I’m sorry mom you have to face this for so long… Sorry for the sexy pictures,” she said in her video message, while wishing her fans a “Happy Mother’s Day”.

The Bollywood actress also apologized for not becoming a doctor which her mother wanted her to become.

She did admitted that is “not a strong” woman. However, she assured her mother that she is having fun doing the things that mattered to her.

“But trust me mom, I’m having too much fun on my YouTube channel,” she said, adding that her Instagram page is also a great place.

On her outfits, she said: “I am sorry for all types of clothes that I wear… I am sorry I created too many controversies, too many mistakes.”

Poonam also mentioned her Instagram page saying, “I am just going crazy on my Instagram page. I am having too much fun in this limelight… And it worked.” This clearly shows that she will continue to do the things she love doing right now and that the apologies are a matter of interest for her fans.

However, she ended her vlog post with the most important message: “I love you mom.”


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