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Miss Mizoram Rody Vanlalhriatpuii shows her singing talent

Rody H Vanlalhriatpuii strikes a pose during the Miss Mizoram 2017 pageant. Courtesy: miss mizoram/instagram


Miss Mizoram Rody Vanlalhriatpuii shows her singing talent

Aizawl ( Miss Mizoram Rody H Vanlalhriatpuii is one rare gem in the world of beauty pageant. Besides her good looks and dedication to social service, she is a  talented singer.

Her hidden talent first came to the limelight when she sang during the Miss Mizoram 2017 Talent Round earlier this year. She mesmerizes the judges with the popular Mizo song An leng e. Take a look.

Recently, a new video emerged where in Miss Rody sang the cover song of I’ll stand by you. Many people can sing, but not all of them can can actually play a guitar.

According to close friends, Miss Rody had been singing in churches since very young age. “She used to be shy, but Miss Mizoram gave her the opportunity to showcase her hidden talent,” they said.

Miss Rody has reached the final stage of the ffb Femina Miss India 2017 and is currently preparing for the grand finale of Miss India 2017.

A fan of Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan, the young woman says even though movies don’t make her cry, her favourite actor is nonetheless the King Khan.

On the social side, Miss Rody loves working with woman and young people. She has done her bit to promote issues close to her heart.

In this video, she promotes blood donation among the Mizos.

Inaugurating a youth centre at Zemabawk in Aizawl.

Here she is promoting tourism for her home state – Mizoram.

Miss Rody has changed the mindset of many Mizos, especially the youth, when it comes to the world of fashion. She has proved that beauty is not just about skin and glamour. “Her smile is one thing, but she looks very sincere and dedicated when does something. She reaching the Miss India level is something, but actually she being crowned with the title will be a great justice to beauty with a cause,” Remruata, a youth from Aizawl told

Will the charming Miss Rody become the first from Northeast India to be crowned Miss India and eventually a winner at the world state? Only time will tell.

Her fans are growing every day and some of them have compiled videos clips of her since the Miss Mizoram contest.


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